15 Types of stonewalls you can use in your home

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Stones walls are one of the biggest trends this year and there is doubt as to why people are loving it. These walls are not only easy to build but they also add a grandness to the entire space. There are many ideas that you can find online for these stone walls but which type of stone to use can sometimes be confusing.

To help you understand the different types of stone that you can use to build walls here are 15 pictures.

1. Boulders

For those of you who love the looks of a mountainous terrain using big boulders to create a wall can be an excellent idea. These walls can be naturally found and are available in different sizes.

2. Carbon stone slabs

To create a unique looking wall for your rooms using carbon stone slabs can be a good choice. These stones are available in black colour and can be laid on top of each other to give an embossed pattern.

3. Sandstone

Another easily available stone that you can use to create your wall is sandstone. The best part about using sandstone is that it can be customised into any size of chunks.

4. Limestone

Limestone is another alternative for using bricks for creating your focal stone wall. These stones can generally be found in huge blocks which are great for incorporating in your living room walls.

5. Tiles

Many of us might think that tiles can only be used in full squares or rectangles. But using similar looking thin strips of tiles can also help you build a masterpiece for your home. The designer for this wall has also incorporated a lighter colour tile to enhance the look.

6. Bricks

Bricks being one of the most commonly used material to create walls can be made to look creative by incorporating colour. By using dual tone bricks in your walls you can make them look amazing.

7. Polished slate

Another type of stone available is slate which people generally prefer to use for outdoors. By polishing slate and using it as one of the main walls you can not only beautify your home but it will also provide structural support.

8. Flint

Flint is a stone that can be combined with other materials to create a natural looking wall. By placing the stones in between a normal cement wall you can create any creative texture.

9. White cement bricks

If you are looking for a modern layout in your bedroom then using white cement bricks can also be a great alternative. These bricks of cement can also be customised by changing their size.

10. Italian field stone

Italian fieldstone is another type of stone that is generally used outdoors. Although these stones do not come in uniform size but they can still be layered on top of each other to give a rugged look.

11. Bluff stone

Bluff is a multifunctional stone that can be used for covering both inside as well as outside walls. These stones are also a great option to consider as they can protect your wall against water seepage.

12. Ledge-stone

Ledge stones are similar looking to bricks but they are made of natural stones. They are sleek in appearance which makes it easy for designers to use them on curved walls.

13. Sangria

Using sangria is another alternative if you are looking to protect your wall against water. These stones are mostly used for bathroom shower areas as they are prone to water seepage.

14. Rubble

If you are looking to build a stone wall that captures your imagination then using rubble as the material is highly recommended. These are small pieces of stones that can be laid out as per your selected design.

15. Weathered edge

Weathered stones are used when you are looking to build a thick wall. These are basically long narrow slabs that can be used both vertically and horizontally. They are heavy stones which makes them durable and low maintenance.

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