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29 photos of extraordinary small kitchens for your home

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Kitchens are spaces where one can unleash one’s creativity to make the process of cooking more pleasant and enjoyable. Today, we bring you 29 ingenious ideas for professionally designed kitchens with islands. They are simple and don’t need a big budget to implement. Join us as we review the designs.

1. Full kitchen

This is an incredible design for a small kitchen. It has a large variety of shelves for storing products, and the design is undeniably modern.

2. Dressed in white

In this kitchen, the great combination of colours creates a quiet and comfortable space where you can enjoy preparing meals. In general, the kitchen is very spacious, which allows one to move around easily and to keep everything in order.

3. L-shaped

This L-shaped design stands out because of its white tone that presents an elegant and lean look, which every kitchen should have. It’s a perfect design for a small home.

4. Simple space

A simple kitchen design, this one is very functional with well-designed storage space and an island.

5. Lively space

This is a perfect design if you don’t have much space at home. You can choose to divide the area into two and use the right proportions and material to achieve a good result. Don’t forget to use vibrant colours that bring a sense of liveliness and energy to the environment.

6. Charming kitchen

The kitchen in the background of this image has a nice design with white colour being the standout feature. It has the advantage of natural light coming in through the window – an essential feature that every kitchen should have for adequate ventilation. The dining set next to the kitchen is in a contrast dark colour, which matches the floor on which it is located.

7. Unmistakably white

This small kitchen has an incredible design, which takes advantage of all the available space. The areas for cooking, cleaning and storage are well located so that they fulfil their expected function. Despite being a small space, it looks good.

8. With lots of light

Good lighting is one of the fundamental requirements of a kitchen. In this design, lamps have been fixed to illuminate every part of the kitchen. In addition, the clever design manages to incorporate a well-decorated room at the side of the kitchen – a very good idea!

9. A great space for cooking

This well-planned kitchen has a good layout and a monochromatic palette that make it look charming. The style is very elegant, and the lighting modern and decorative.

10. Personal touches

This is a very simple kitchen with personal touches, making a place where you can enjoy practicing your culinary skills. The creamy tones convey a feeling of tranquility. The décor complements the design, as does the lovely dining set featuring a beige table with dark-brown chairs.

11. The right balance

This perfect kitchen looks inviting and has great balance in its design. The shades of silver, lead and white combine beautifully to bring a touch of modernity to the space.

12. An incredible view

In this design, the view of the dining room is lovely. The kitchen has a pleasant feel due to the bright lighting in the ceiling.

13. With ample storage

The great part of this design is the adequate number of drawers that have been provided for storage to avoid clutter in the kitchen. The black ceramic tiles add elegance to the environment.

14. A lovely space

This is a great kitchen with a spacious feel. The white tone along with perfect lighting makes this one of the favourite rooms in the entire house.

15. Great design

This design has all the required elements included in the U-shaped layout that allows you to take advantage of the space. The island can be used for a variety of tasks, including ironing or folding the laundry.

16. A charming environment

Space has not been a drawback while designing this lovely kitchen. It has great ventilation, thanks to the windows. The dining set, complements the rest of the environment with the potted plant in the center adding a vibrant touch.

17. Enchanting yellow

Colour influences mood. Therefore, you must use it to create an element that inspires. In this kitchen, the yellow cabinets match well with the brown. In addition, the white island and countertops provide ample space for cooking. This design is good for any home.

18. Kitchen with personality

The undisputed elegance of this kitchen is evident at first glance, thanks to its modern elements and appliances.

19. Decorated

Details are always important as they make the difference. In this kitchen, the wall below the staircase has been decorated to add to the ambiance. It is an excellent idea that improves the overall appearance of the kitchen.

20. Stunning red

This kitchen is full of personality due to the red tone used in its design. In addition, the large window is a great help for bringing natural light and providing ventilation.

21. Reflecting good taste

This design includes ample natural lighting, which makes it perfect. The design has the kitchen and dining room in the same space with the white island acting as a partition.

22. Aesthetic design

The white tones enhance the feeling of peace, tranquility and hygiene in this kitchen. The small island table is useful for food preparation.

23. Interesting details

To make environments pleasant, details are important. The use of wood in this kitchen brings a rustic touch to the design, while the black on the counters adds a sober touch. Overall, it looks sophisticated.

24. Stunning kitchen

This kitchen has an open and spacious feel with a sense of greater connectivity between different areas of the house. It is well laid out and has good lighting too.

25. Black and white

The well-arranged spaces in this black-and-white kitchen give it a great ambiance. Additionally, it’s hard not to give credit to the window that brings in natural lighting.

26. Cosy kitchen

_c a s a | S _, RO|a_ RO|a_ Minimalist kitchen

This kitchen is designed as an independent space that is very close to the dining room. With good artificial lighting, it looks perfect and gets a touch of cosiness from the nearby dining table, which is made of natural wood.

27. Attractive kitchen

This kitchen is very attractive due to its warm yellow glow that is created with a combination of artificial and natural lighting.

28. Freshness in the kitchen

Adding ornamental plants is a great way of bringing a refreshing element to brighten up the environment in a kitchen.

29. Mixed tones

The mix of elements in this kitchen makes it perfect and complete for enjoying cooking without any inconvenience. The contrast of the pastel shades against the white makes it look impeccable!

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Which of these designs will you copy? Let us know in the comments.

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