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6 Multi-faceted glass ideas for your home

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Sheldon Avenue 2 'The Hampstead House' IQ Glass UK Modern windows & doors
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Glass has always had a privileged place amongst building materials: it is elegant and it provides a nice decorative touch to every room. This interesting type of material is used nowadays for something else than windows or building coverings. It can be used and shaped in various forms, the following inspirations will show exactly that.

Floating staircase

Sheldon Avenue 2 'The Hampstead House' IQ Glass UK Modern windows & doors
IQ Glass UK

Sheldon Avenue 2 'The Hampstead House'

IQ Glass UK

Here is another example of how glass can be moulded for every home furnishing purposes. A sumptuous modern glass staircase stands proudly in the middle of this brightly lit room. This stunning staircase looks as though it is floating within the center of the room and swirls away to the next floors, like a stairway to the skies.

Glass table

Here is a beautiful example of how glass is a multipurpose material that can be used for anything in the home. This living room is furnished with a table made entirely of glass. This is a statement piece that brings class and luxury to this kitchen since the table is quite unique. The advantage of a glass table such as this one is that it can be matched to any other decorative or furnishing piece in a room.

Modern chandelier

Chandeliers have always brought a memorable decorative element to the room they are in, may it be hanging off the ceiling or on a table. The freestanding chandelier shown in this picture has a modern twist to it since the usual metal material was not chosen for its creation. This glass chandelier is a wonderful way to spruce up the dining room or any other room it would be in.

Pleasant bathing

This pictures shows a magnificent design for a bathtub by DuPont Türkiye. The sleek blend of curved and straight lines exemplifies how modern designs brings class and wonder to a room. The beauty of this bathtub lies in the breathtaking design where a person can admire the movement of the water and the comfortable seating position this tub offers.

Impressive lighting

Arcadia Chandeliers homify Eclectic style event venues

Arcadia Chandeliers


This image shows how impressive the art of glassblowing can be. To jazz up the style of a room or to bring a touch of unique elegance, this ceiling lamp proves these facts. The mesmerising effect of this lamp is displayed through its many arms that will shine light in a lovely manner. This ceiling lighting option can be used in any room of a home to decorate and illuminate its surroundings.

Glass aquarium

Floating Aquarium London Aquarium Architecture Modern living room
Aquarium Architecture

Floating Aquarium London

Aquarium Architecture

There is something very calming and peaceful about having an aquarium in a room. One can stand and admire the colourful fish swimming gracefully in their habitat. This effect is augmented by the glass material used for this aquarium: it promotes its content without distracting the eye from anything else but the tranquil and unperturbed life it contains.

Casas inHAUS Modern houses

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