10 ideas to make your bathroom more spacious

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Our bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house. And most of the times, we keep our bathroom space small, to make the rest of the house more bigger, which of course creates storage issues in our bathrooms. 

To make a bathroom look spacious there are many different layouts and designs that you can try but we have put together 10 pictures that showcase how you can make it look big.

1. L-shaped layout

If you are looking to build a spacious bathroom then we recommend placing the bathroom ware in an L-shaped layout. By using this design you will also be able to save enough space on two complete walls, which you can use for storage.

2. Incorporating colour

Another great way to make your bathroom look amazing is by incorporating bright colours and bright light source. By using colours in your bathroom you will also be able to uplift the entire mood of the place.

3. Wall mounted fixtures

Saving floor space in your bathroom is also a way to make it look bigger. The designer of this bathroom has used wall-mounted fixtures which make it look open and airy. You can also use elongated sink tables to cover less space on the ground.

4. Single wall layout

By placing all the fixtures on one single wall you can also achieve a lot of space. This will also allow you to use the rest of the walls as per your requirement. You may also include some natural light into the bathroom by adding a windows. 

5. Contrasting colours

The colour of your wall can also have a major effect on the size of the bathroom. If you use contrasting colours together you can make the room look bigger, as the bathware looks smaller.

6. White tiles

Incorporating tiles in your bathroom is also a great way to transform the look. Plain white tiles are the perfect option when it comes to making a room feel spacious. It will also make the bathroom look clean and organised.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors can also be a thing to consider if you are wondering on how to make your bathroom look bigger. If you place them in the right direction you can easily make sure that every corner of the room gets enough light and gives your bathroom an illusion of space.

8. Sleek design

Another great way to have a spacious bathroom is by using sleek sinks and toilets. These designer products are easily available and you can also choose them in white colour to add a modern touch to the bathroom.

9. Using vertical space

Depending on how well you use the space a bathroom can look cramped or airy. By utilising the vertical space or the walls for storage you can extend the available area of your bathroom.

10. Parallel layout

If you have a narrow and long bathroom then using this parallel layout design can be an excellent choice. By placing the sink and tub on opposite walls you will also get enough walking space in the middle. 

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