6 ways to bring Art Deco flair into your home

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At homify, we have noticed a resurging interest in the Art Deco movement with architects, interior designers, and home owners alike, all introducing the flair of Art Deco into their home improvement projects. So why has Art Deco received such growing interest recently? Perhaps the role of the media can be accredited to the reintroduction of Art Deco to the masses, such as Baz Luhrmann's extraordinary visual style in the film The Great Gatsby. Wherever this resurgence has spawned from, more people are trying to bring the eclectic and unique design features of Art Deco into their home. Keep reading to see a compilation of our favourite Art Deco pieces that are sure to inspire you to do the same. 

Vintage leather suite

There's always something special about leather seating. It is classic, timeless and, always seems to look better as the years pass. If your living room is in need of a fresh new addition, then perhaps a vintage leather suite is the perfect solution. Take a look at the stunning walnut and red leather suite here which contains a large sofa and two armchairs. We love the winged arms and curved form which is so different from today's standard square forms. 

Take a seat

Let's begin with an Art Deco bentwood chair complete with an imaginative palm print fabric. This stylish vintage armchair epitomises the Art Deco movement with its curved bentwood arms and a fully sprung underseat system, making it a very robust piece of furniture. Where to place this furniture? Perhaps as a unique piece in a living room, a bedroom, or even in a sheltered outdoor area. Wherever it is placed—it's bound to be a talking point! 

Serious Deco

Although Art Deco is associated with eccentricity and flair, that doesn't mean it hasn't got a more serious side. Check out this Vellum study desk from experts at Rupert Bevan ltd which contains many clever design features to ensure that the desk remains well organised and tidy. 

Whatever task with your desk such as paying bills, studying, running a business, or working from home—this desk is bound to be the prefect partner whilst you undertake these important (or mundane) tasks. 

Jay Gatsby's very own

Introducing a very luxurious piece that looks as if it could have been used by Jay Gatsby himself. This Art Deco inspired cocktail cabinet is clad in brass and is etched with geometric decoration. The patterned gold looks amazing, not to mention the quirky wooden handles that really do catch the eye.

Artwork fun

Artwork is the easiest and obvious method of introducing Art Deco into the home. Here we have an original print of a parrot from the talented artists at The Lost Fox.  

Also consider prints from older sources such as early 20th century films posters, Broadway shows, or even musical acts which can bring a sense of timelessness and nostalgia to a room.

An old bookcase table

For many, it can be a real difficulty to find enough space to store an ever expanding book collection. Perhaps an old bookcase table is the perfect fit. Bookcase tables are a forgotten furnishing relic which can be a fabulous addition for any interior design lover. With plenty of storage space this bookcase table is able to house many books in a practical and attractive way. 

That's it for the Art Deco inspiration but be sure to check out the retro inspired ideabook below. 
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Which retro Art Deco piece was your favourite? Let us know below in the comments section. 

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