28 unique ideas to arrange television in the living room

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As the public area for showcasing personal style and wealth, the living room is decorated with expensive furniture, furnishings, décor items and electronics. Most people keep their televisions in the living room as it serves as a place for entertaining friends and family, though some even like to have television in their bedroom for watching favourite programs even late night.

In this ideabook we have collated the best designs created by our professional designers and decorators with television as the protagonist to design the living room. The décor and furniture have been selected to create cozy and comfortable setting around the television to ensure hassle free entertainment time.

1. Warm and pleasing

The television here is set within a charming dark wooden panel that is part of a long storage area in the living room. Though the  overall ambience is neutral, interesting elements like industrial style lighting and lush green house plants make this room comfortable and sharp.

2. Twin choices

The entertainment room offers twin viewing options comprising of television set up on a wooden wall and on a plain wall. Depending on the number of people in the room and their personal preferences both televisions can provide personalized entertainment as the room is wide enough with comfortable seating choices.

3. Mix of rustic and modern

To make an unique combination of modern and rustic styles in the living room use faux brick walls that make a striking contrast with modern furniture. The stylish display unit with laminate and wood created within the faux brick wall makes an ideal background for the television and modern décor items.

4. Complimentary contrasts

Comfortable seating and simple décor are the highlight of this modern living room that has minimal furniture to enable focus on watching television or just enjoying company of friends and family. The brown and black wooden background and showcase create an ideal environment for the large television and collection of tiny figurines on the shelves.

5. Colors make life beautiful

While neutral tones give sober and dignified look to the living room sometimes adding soft colors to the place create pleasant combinations that enhance the  environment.  In this room, the furniture color, compliments the display case and storage shelves that holds the television and other small pieces to make a wholesome combination which makes this living room ideal for casual entertaining.

6. Personalised setting

This television is set in a region created for private viewing and the seating arrangement has been done accordingly with L shaped sofa and lighting that does not create shadows or bright reflection on the television surface.

7. Booklover's paradise

Which book lover would not want to see their favorite characters turn into real life people on television? Here is a fantastic creation in wood spread across an entire wall that meets one’s love for knowledge completely with space for a smart television and books together. Though there is space for few unusual decorative items in it the domination of books and other accessories shows that the owners well read.

8. Colorful and compact

If you are the kind of person/s that prefer bright colorful surroundings instead of neutral tones then this colorful television background would be more than welcome in your living room. The bright fuchsia around the television may be too bright but when it is surrounded by stark white shelves and tame navy sofas, it forms a great combination.

9. Part of a room seperator

Want a room separator that will keep viewers' glances glued to a primary area and not allow anyone to peep into regions beyond in a an open floor setting? Simply use the television on a trendy wall style divider like this that can be custom built by a professional carpenter according to required design and size.

10. Elegance personified

Extravagant style does not imply ostentatious decorations as minimalist combinations also can display beauty and elegance like the design here. Just a few strategically placed curios and fresh flowers around the television, suffice for décor in this eclectic living room.

11. Bright and cheerful

The decor is perfect for an entertainment room with comfortable sofas to just sit or lounge around . Recessed lighting and wide screen television set against a stylish background in same color tone as furniture and ceiling creates an excellent ambience for late night movie marathons or game nights.

12. Entertainment personalised

This game room has it all, a pool table a huge television screen set on a stylish wooden background with sparkling lights around and enough space to invite many friends and family.

13. Embedded in the wall

Space saving ideas? Borrow this idea of embedding the television into your living room wall to save up on wall space and set up decorative features below it.  The combination is sure to grab eyeballs and appreciation from guests.

14. Up on the wall

This television background truly is the protagonist of this room with a stylish panel that forces onlookers’ gaze up the wall to capture its complete grandeur. The dark wood and grains accentuate the striking contrast between the backdrop and white wall.

15. Elegant and gentle

The combination of wood framed in white walls and ceiling raise the style quotient of this room by several notches as it is combined with layout of eclectic white furniture.

16. Furniture panel combination

A raw wooden panel with dresser of similar tone just below it makes an eclectic combination against white patterned wall.

17. Beautiful wooden wall

An entire wall panel with display section made entirely of wood to place the TV makes the living room spectacular. With minimalist decorative elements that does not divert attention from the big screen, the combination of television and display shelf take one's breath away!!!

18. The sparkling white room

A modern living room with trendy ceiling lights gives an austere glow to this light hued living room with television embedded into the wall. The colors white and cream, bring a sense of tranquility and harmony, to the environment.

19. Standalone panel

There is nothing as pleasurable as watching a favorite program on television after a long day at work on comfortable furniture enjoying great food. The best part of this furniture is that it can turn into a bed if you are feeling too tired to walk over to the bedroom.

20.. Beautiful lighting

Turn your living room or entertainment room into a fantastic movie theater, with this combination of recessed and focused lighting.

21. Appropriate color scheme

Complementary colors are part of this comfortable entertainment room which has a large television as the central focus unit that is designed to appear as if it is suspended from a steel rod. Colorful cushions help liven up the environment where dark tones hold sway.

22. Elegant living area

If you love the grandeur of large objects suspended in mid-air then this elegant television set up on two large freestanding planks of dark-wood would suit your style. The sleek black storage unit makes a striking partnership with the furniture, as we see in the image.

23. Natural stone wall

Combination of natural elements creates a striking background for the television in this trendy entertainment room with a clear view of the outdoors. The elegant unit embedded in the stone wall was created for the television, and also as a storage unit.

24. Rustic ambience

A room with wooden beams, back panels and wicker furniture will make the atmosphere rustic and bring you close to nature without compromising on comfort.

25. Clear whites

Light tones have been used in this room on furniture, furnishings and even décor objects to give an appearance of amplitude and serenity.

26. Natural light

While setting up the living area or entertainment room try to take advantage of existing features with regard to light and space. With a television neatly embedded into the wooden wall and supported by natural light the ambience of the room is soothing and picture perfect.

27. Sofas for perfect relaxation

For lovers of comfort, having furniture like the ones we see in the picture, is ideal. One need not set a separate television in the bedroom.

28. Designer wall

Bring life and color to walls with combination of wallpaper and lights like this that give style and spice to the plainest of living room.

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Which television decoration idea did you like the best, do let us know in your comments below.

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