7 ideas to display your TV in a small living room

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In most modern cities, homes and apartments are decreasing in size due to rising costs and ever-increasing populations. With space now at more of a premium than ever, there's a clear need to find furnishing solutions for seriously small rooms. 

In this Ideabook, we'll deal specifically with how to display televisions in a compact living room. So if you're in need of some tips for compact living, or simply wish to drool over some dreamy interiors, read on!

1. Corner shelving

As we often say, when space is limited, every centimetre counts. A good idea is to use wall space instead of floor space. In this example, we see a fully equipped shelving option, which is cut out in the middle, to accommodate the large flat screen TV. With sleek and clean lines, it is both stylish and functional.

2. White and wood trim

In this case, the solution is the wooden panel wall behind the TV, allowing shelves to be fitted and a useful space below. This space has been used to house a digital box and video games console. Above the TV, the white shelves are constructed with the help of a skilled carpenter and are an excellent option for storage and decoration.

4. Neutral colors

In a confined space such as this living area, an effective solution is to have a large flat-screen TV fitted directly onto the wall. There is no need for a base unit, so the designer has chosen to decorate the extra unit space with ornamental features.

3. A modern combination

Another good solution sees the combination of a panel on which to suspend the screen, and a high shelf, all complemented by a narrow table in the same tone and material. The beech wooden panelling either side of the grey background wall is a lovely touch and succeeds in drawing our attention towards the screen. The top and bottom shelving also achieves this effect and gives a place to add a few choice relics from our travels.

5. A made-to-measure wall

The solution for the television here is to install a custom-built wall, which is able to accommodate the screen and a set of shelves to the right. The bottom section is occupied by a base unit decorated with ornaments and a small sculptures. The dark brown colour of the wall and shelves really adds to the funky-retro vibe of the room.

6. A very big screen for a very small space

In this example, we see a very large screen placed inside a built-in wall unit, pre-equipped with shelves and a chest of drawers in its base. The black screen stands out against the white wall background, surrounded by the lively aqua-green which serves to lighten the environment.

7. Make it a feature

We conclude this little exploration with a beautiful beech wood wall system that incorporates a base large enough to store all parts of the entertainment system. The enveloping wall houses both the screen and the speakers, for a perfect spread of sound. The structure is completed by the white side-brick planters and a suspended half-moon ceiling, complete with LED spotlights. We only need the couch and seating to proudly call this a theatre inside a living room!

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