20 ideas for a neat and organized kitchen

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At homify, we know about the headache and anguish that small spaces can cause. It makes you think that there’s no way you can accommodate even a single piece of furniture into the area. That is why we have put together this ideabook to help you to get tips from professionally designed interiors to decorate and organize your kitchen regardless of its size.

Take a look at some of the best designs and styles for organizing your kitchen. We assure you that once you have finished reading these 20 ideas, you will never again regret having moved into a home with a small or narrow kitchen.

1. A functional corner drawer

Designing corners is always complicated, especially if you want to incorporate drawers, but this great design can be integrated into any house.

2. A small but functional bar counter

You don’t have to worry about where you will place the dining table or an island in the kitchen. You can include everything into a single space with a small counter, as seen in this image.

3. Compact furniture and appliances

Don’t fret if you can’t fit a stove with six or eight burners! You can find smaller stoves with four grills in modern styles that can suit your space.

4. Built-in ovens optimize space

Built-in ovens are an excellent choice when you want to save space in your kitchen. If you place them higher on the wall, you won’t have to worry about the back aches that result from bending to check what’s in your oven.

5. Simple and functional

Organizing a kitchen allows you to have everything in one place, even a vantage point behind the counter from where you can view the rest of the apartment.

6. Linear cabinets

The simple, linear design of the cabinets makes it seem like there are no drawers anywhere. However, behind the pastel green doors, you will find ample storage space for food and kitchen tools.

7. Cabinets to the top

Don’t forget to make use of the ceiling when you are organizing your kitchen. Designing cabinets that extend to the height of the ceiling gives you more storage space.

8. A vintage-style cabinet

You can place a vintage-style cabinet in an empty corner to enjoy more storage space behind its closed doors.

9. Slide out workspace

You can never have too much workspace in a kitchen. A slide out board in a counter provides extra space for chopping or placing items while you work.

10. Elongated layout

When you don’t have much width, it’s preferable to have a linear layout that allows you to move around comfortably in the kitchen.

11. Minimalist style

The smooth surfaces and sophisticated design of the minimalist style make a kitchen look unbelievably neat and organized.

12. Practical design

You can’t ask for more when you have the kitchen, dining area and TV room integrated into a single space using practical design.

13. Custom design

Design the small space to suit your needs and add a personal touch with colour, furniture or material.

14. Good lighting

Small spaces are usually illuminated by a few lights at the entrance, with spotlights providing additional light. However, you can opt for more modern lighting, like in this image.

15. A modern touch

Use printed or engraved tiles and mix them with bright or solid colours such as blue and white to bring a contemporary and fun look to your kitchen.

16. Mosaic tiles and lighting

Besides direct lighting on the work counter, a mix of coloured mosaic tiles can add beauty to a small kitchen.

17. Custom tables

Having a table that’s attached to the wall ensures that you won’t face the problem of it being knocked out of place or falling over.

18. Select the right chairs

Some chairs have legs that take up a lot of space. Ideally, you should choose designs that tuck away neatly under a counter.

19. Open spaces

Design a bottomless bar counter that will help you to store your chairs underneath when you don’t need them. It will also make the area look more spacious.

20. Reuse old furniture

From dad’s old desk to sturdy wooden sideboards – you can convert them into your kitchen worktop or cabinet with a coat of paint or varnish.

For more space-saving tips for small kitchens see How to gain more space in a small kitchen.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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