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Simple and elegant—this house will charm you!

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Located in the midst of a misty wooded area at the foothills of lush forest covered mountains with clear streams gushing forth, this house is a nature lover's dream come true !! Created with eco-friendly materials and bright colors to match the local environment and colorful plumage of parrots in the vicinity, the residence presents a picture of charm and comfort.  The architects have given a curvaceous layout to the house to harmonize it with the spectacular landscape surrounding the property and help it to blend in with trees and mountains. 

Though the house is located close to a forest, its comforts have not been compromised with rustic facilities and it is every bit as modern and comfortable as a city based residence. Do come with us on a detailed tour of this beautiful house to see its features on your own.

1. View of the colorful facade

The street entrance to the house is through a flight of stairs located on the side leading up off the street to the patio. The side view of the facade showcases the rounded central structure of the house that has been created to adapt the house to mountainous landscape at the rear. The artful architecture and colorful layout brings out the creative expertise of the architects that have managed to make a beautiful house that blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

2. Lovely entrance

The elegant pivoting glass door framed in wood and stone welcomes guests with a flourish even as they marvel at the artistic door decor and front garden. The colorful wall and modern sculpture give a tiny glimpse about architecture and decorative marvels that the interiors are likely to have as one explores the house further.

3. Integrating interiors with nature.

Upon entering the house, we notice that nature plays an important role even within the house as a fountain greet us harmoniously in the lobby. A charming water body decorated with colorful white and golden stones has an elegant bridge made of wooden planks that has to be crossed to step into the foyer. The interiors designed by the rules of Feng Shui, have achieved a balance that harmonizes housing with the natural environment to ensure that those who inhabit are physically and emotionally secure.

4. Volume and space

As we walk into the open floor layout encompassing the kitchen, living area and dining area we notice how the high ceiling creates the illusion of space  in the region. The white background across all levels of the interiors is complemented by a set of modern wooden furniture arranged across the house.

5. Modern snack bar

The interiors are decorated with modern furniture, combining different materials, in which wood plays a prominent role. This natural material contrasts with the gleaming white of the walls and floor to make an eclectic combination that compliments the beautiful snack bar.

6. Bright and spacious kitchen

As we saw in the facade, the house is designed with large windows to bring in natural light and fresh air into the interiors allowing them to remain bright and cheerful without use of artificial lighting. The luminosity is accentuated with the white of the walls, ceiling and the neutral color of the floor. As in other rooms the modern kitchen too is decorated with combination of wood and granite to make working here an absolute pleasure.

7. Eclectic combination of elements

The interiors of this house have been designed with locally available materials to maintain a harmonious balance with nature. Every element of this eclectic living room has been painstakingly designed so the glowing wooden floor makes a stylish partnership with white walls and classic style furniture.

8. Elegant staircase

 The elegant staircase designed in wood has been extracted from sustainable forests wherein selective cutting allows natural reforestation over a period of time ensuring the supply of wood to future generations.

9. Minimalist bathroom

The floating shelf with neatly designed slots for storing towels and granite counter gives a sense of lightness and comfort to this simple bathroom that has been blessed with a large window to ensure free flow of air and light in the area.

10. Connecting corridor

11. Elegant and modern

The house, in addition to being designed in modern style to help easy adaptation to the landscape with its curvaceous form also has built in elements to make it ecologically sustainable. The building has its own sewage treatment plant and a hold area for recycling water for irrigation followed by solar photo-voltaic panels and solar water heaters for the pool and showers in the bathrooms.

12. Barbecue area

The large rear garden also has an open barbecue area created out of stones dug out during the foundation for use during warm summers and winters.

13. View at night

Here is an exterior view of this house at night with lights  blazing across all levels showcasing its elegant design that is enhanced by delightful surroundings.  This last view shows how a well designed house with aesthetically pleasing interiors and charming exteriors can still remain ecologically sustainable in the midst of a wooded area. 

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Which part of this house did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.
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