15 Pictures of wooden cupboards for your home

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Incorporating wooden cupboards is one of the easiest ways to create storage space in a home. Apart from the fact that they can be customised, they are also long lasting due to the use of natural wood. If you are trying to search for designs to build your very own wooden cupboard then here are 15 pictures that can be of great help.

1. Corner cupboards

Similar looking corner cupboards are the perfect option for your guest bedroom rooms. These cupboards are sleek which makes them blend really well with the decor of the room.

2. Bedroom cupboard

If you are looking for a cupboard design for your bedroom then using this as a reference is also an excellent idea. The best part about this wooden cupboard is that you can build it on the entire length of the wall to maximize space.  

3. Partition cupboards

If you have a studio apartment or a condo then opting for similar looking partition cupboards is also highly recommended. These wooden cupboards can be used as wardrobes one side and curio cabinets on the other.

4. Sliding door cupboard

If you are trying to incorporate cupboards into a small room then these sliding door wardrobes can be the perfect option. You can also adjust the height of the cupboard and add additional storage space above.

5. Kitchen cupboards

For those of you who have an open kitchen incorporating these sleek kitchen cupboards is also worth a shot. You can create these cupboards using the dead corners of the kitchen to save floor area. 

6. Clothes cupboards

If you have a lot of formal wear and require more hanging space that usual then these coat closets are perfect. You can also easily add double hanging rods so that you can store more clothes.

7. Crockery cupboards

Apart from having a pantry cupboard in your kitchen incorporating a place to store your crockery is also important. The designer for this kitchen has built a floor to ceiling crockery cupboard to give the owners ample amount of storage space.

8. Hallway cupboards

We all have those additional items lying around the house that cannot be stored in our bedrooms and the best alternative for them is a similar looking hallway cupboard. You can also customise these wooden cupboards by adding designer metal handles.

9. Linen cupboards

If you are looking to build a linen cupboard in your bathroom then this shelving and hanging layout might be the perfect choice. By building a similar looking cupboard you will be able to have enough storage for your bathroom essentials.

10. Wall to wall cupboards

If you have a big room to yourself and are wondering as to which wooden cupboard would be right for you, then this wall to wall layout must be considered. To uplift the design of this cupboard you can also consider putting small photo frames or tiles on the doors.

11. Rustic cupboards

For those of you who love to relive the olden days, incorporating a rustic looking cupboard like this is advised. To make it look more realistic you can also paint these cupboards with bright colours.

12. Utility cupboards

This white cupboard is the perfect example of a kitchen utility cabinet. Apart from cabinets, it also has open shelves to store baskets as well as wine bottles which makes it multifunctional.

13. Living room cupboards

If you are planning to build a cupboard in your living room then painting them white is the best way to achieve a modern look. These cupboards can also have collapsible doors to help you save space.

14. Curio cupboards

If you love decorating your house with curios then this open shelf cupboard is the right alternative. Apart from storing curious these cupboards can also be used as home office desks or file cabinets.

15. Inbuilt cupboards

By incorporating such wooden inbuilt cupboards you can easily save floor space and they can be used to store items like shoes and handbags. These cupboards can also be customised by adding designer panels on the doors.

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