8 ways to get more space in a small wardrobe

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Those pesky small wardrobes can be a real issue can't they? You need to get all your clothes and accessories inside them, but a few bulky sweaters can disrupt the whole flow, so what can you do? Well, we've been wondering that ourselves and have taken a look at how amazing interior designers free up extra room in wardrobes for their clients and we've discovered some absolute gems of some solutions and we're going to share them with you, right now! No more clothes on the bedroom floor for you, as these ideas will unlock so much more potential!

1. Add an extra rail.

Simple and quick, if you add a second rail to your wardrobe, you will double the effectiveness of it! Have a top rail for t-shirts, shirts and coats and pop all your trousers and skirts at the bottom and you'll never have to cram again!

2. Hooks could be the answer to your prayers.

Hooks! Of course! You can add them to the back of your wardrobe doors, or even the walls and they will give you a wealth of extra storage space! They are especially perfect for housing accessories.

You could even add a few extra hooks to your bedroom walls, for things you don't want to get crushed, such as hats!

3. Use drawer divides to house bulky items.

Drawers are such a great addition to a wardrobe but they can quickly get messy and hard to organise, but not if you use divides! Ideal for things like ties and underwear, you'll be shocked at how much you can fit in!

4. Consider your shoes.

Shoes can take up the lion-share of any wardrobe, big or small, so it's vital to take them into account. Having cubby holes at the bottom of your wardrobe is a good idea, or you can invest in hanging shelves that attach you your rail.

5. Use the backs of your doors.

The backs of your wardrobe doors are untapped potential and we think that some handy rails, which can be used to hang t-shirts and other flimsy items, are a great idea. You could even add a tie rail too!

6. Add some baskets.

For anything that doesn't need hanging, baskets are an amazing idea to include in your small wardrobe. Remove items that can be rolled from your rail, ditch the extra hangers and enjoy far more space.

7. Pull-out rails are genius!

Telescopic rails are brilliant, as they allow you to use the depth of your wardrobe to its fullest, without ever needing to hunt for a specific item. Ad the to the top and bottom of your wardrobe and you'll be in organisational heaven!

Just look at how perfect these pull-out rails are for suits!

8. Spread out into your bedroom.

When all else fails and your small wardrobe continues to be a bugbear, it might be time to utilise a dead corner of your bedroom. Built-in shelving will give your room a boutique look and create more storage than you'll know what to do with!

For more wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Wardrobe organisation made simple.

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