12 Fantastic staircase designs for your home!

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We do not actually give a lot of attention to the stairs in our home, but whether or not we pay attention to it, it is an important component of the house and we use it a number of times in a day. They also play an important part in the aesthetics of your home. 

Stairs do not have to be boring at all! Today, there are many ways to make your stairs look great, let them better and make them stand away. Here are 12 great ideas to give your stairs a new lease of life and make them face every bit elegant they deserve to be!

1. Make the bottom of your stairs fun!

In many homes, we are guilty of leaving the bottom of the stairs barren, making them look like dreaded corners. Instead, perk it up with a cute little dresser and accessories than can instantly lift your home. 

Ensure the colours of the accessories are the same as the stairs so they blend well and do not look like two pieces forcibly put together. In this case, the wood of the stairs goes well with the white mirror and furniture.

2. Light it up!

Instead of trying to obscure the stairs within your home, do the opposite and light them up with pretty fairy lights. This lighting creates a unique fantasy effect of climbing into an ethereal world. When combined with carefully chosen flooring, a brilliant chandler, the final outcome can be dazzling.

These well lit stairs are great for homes with modern interiors and but receive little natural light. Enrapture your visitors with these lightings!

3. Stairs and storage

It is inevitable that stairs occupy a significant amount of space inside the home. Especially in small apartments, it is important to use every little space. Here is a genius idea to utilise the space occupied by the stairs' by creating storage spaces in every little block of the stairs. They can serve as bookshelves and cupboards. Make this design yours, consult an architect!

4. Sculptures from your stairs

Your stairs don’t have to be just a set of railings and steps. Instead, you can beautify them by contouring the wood used to look like organic and elegant shapes that will serve as a sculpture too!

Before designing, keep in mind your needs.If you have children and pets, then you may want strong steps that are safe for your loved ones. But play around if you are single and define your designs accordingly.

5. Spiral staircases never go out of style

Spiral stairways are the part of many homes due to the space saving factor attached with them. If you have spiral staircases at home, then lucky you! Get rid of the boring rails and play with wood to make this staircase a stunning sculpture in itself.

You can hire a interior designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Add accessories

This is a stunning piece of art where the light/chandelier flows through the length of the stairs. It looks as if the rail is wrapped around it snugly.

Place an interesting of lighting on the way up or down as it illuminated and beautifies at the same time!

Checkout some chandelier designs for a stunning look here.

7. Pure glass

For those who love modernity in their home, nothing like a staircase made of crystals. These are ideal for small spaces because the glass material lets through all the light, making the interiors look bigger and well lit.

8. Au naturale

Planting flowers and plants within your home not only let you breathe fresh air, but they also give your home an extra touch of beauty. This decorate\s the stairway better and makes it look very welcoming.

9. Geometric Rail

The railings of the stairs play an important role in the décor of your home. Then why not take advantage of it and incorporate modern geometric shapes that will add beauty to your home!

10. Spotlight

Take advantage of your staircase space and install a unique piece of lighting that will enthral your guests every time they climb up the stairs.

11. Modernity and freshness

Here is another beautiful example of a staircase with a well designed path with plants that add a natural touch.

12. Make it colourful

This is a very cool Mexican design. The rail uses coloured plastic fabrics that add energy, colour and vibrancy to an otherwise boring staircase.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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