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9 small wooden kitchens to suit your style

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If living room is the heart of the house then kitchen is its soul that feeds the body with delicious offerings created in clean environment with fresh ingredients!! When faced with small kitchen space the layout has to be done in such a way that there is seamless integration of its three essential elements along with an open clutter free environment. Designing cabinets, drawers and other essentials of a small kitchen should be done by a cabinet maker that understands your requirements to create a sense of spaciousness in the region.

To divert attention from size to beauty it is ideal to have a wooden kitchen made with top quality timber with low moisture and strong fiber content. While custom cabinets are expensive these are better in quality to modular kitchens where cabinets are generally made of MDF or low quality wood.

1. Uncluttered elegance

This modular kitchen with floating cabinets placed several inches off the floor has an elegant finish on the wooden surfaces to complement the stone tiles on wall and floor. The U shaped layout makes effective use of available space in a visually appealing manner that has wooden grains vying for attention with glossy black granite counter.

2. Small and smart

With elegant designs available in wood it is easy to create cabinets, backsplash, floor and furniture in combination with other materials for a stylish look. In this kitchen created in a cozy corner, the owners have reduced work areas to fit in all necessary electrical equipment into the small space. Stylish domed lamps and recessed lights keep the region well lighted which also includes a slim breakfast bar the entrance.

3. Cozy warmth

The combination of wooden roof beams, white walls and counter along with stainless steel equipment that reflect light make the work-space look rustic but bigger as its large windows enhance the environment. The warm chocolate toned wood creates a feeling of cozy warmth making the walls seem further than they actually are from the eye.

4. Rectangular vibes

For a small or mid-sized kitchen, wooden counters and cabinets create a stylish atmosphere when combined with light toned mosaic tiles on the wall. The kitchen planner has made the right move by keeping the upper reaches of the region white which include the glass fronted floating cabinets.

5. Tucked under the staircase

This is what we call an innovative design to meet requirements of limited space which also is aesthetically justified. The tiny kitchen may appear stuffy and cloistered under the stairs but actually it is not as the space has been designed with cooking range and washing area in the open while storage region is out of view.

6. Country kitchen

This elegant country kitchen designed with wood panels across the ceiling and floor along with wooden furniture brings back memories of holidays spent in the countryside with grandparents. The charming dresser with small drawers and glass front cabinets make a beautiful partnership together lighting elements.

7. Rustic kitchen

Жилое пространство , BMM BMM Eclectic style kitchen

The rustic kitchen furniture here comprising of a table created with a plank of wood and ceiling beams look has all the trappings of a modern work space with latest plumbing and gadgets. Minimalist combination of open and closed cabinets keep the counter clutter free while large window facing the countryside creates feeling of space and freedom.

8. Functionally modern

To fit all your storage needs and cooking gadgets within a small space then this modern kitchen with small U-shaped counter layout is highly recommended. This design with floating cabinets above the counter with combination of open shelves makes it easy to store objects and find them in a hurry.

9. Open floor layout

This kitchen shows that setting up furniture for entertainment and service in an open floor need not be always modern and trendy to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Simple kitchen with white drawers and cabinets serves as cooking area while classic style dining furniture creates an elegant and unobtrusive barrier between them.

If you love touches of wood inside the house besides usual doors and windows here are some Beautiful wooden accents for the home.

Which kitchen idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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