11 easy to copy home exterior ideas

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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A beautiful home exterior, doesn’t only mean a sensational and attractive modern décor, it also means layout, space and lighting should be perfectly placed. In this edition of homify, we look at 11 facade décor tricks that are easy to recreate. Our team of professionals ensured that elegance, sophistication and modernity are incorporated throughout these lovely living spaces. So whether you’re considering that exterior upgrade or just thinking about ideas to enhance your current features, these helpful hints will come in handy.

1. Front yard

The parking area of this home is simply stunning, the white tiles are an excellent choice for a clean, striking design and the wooden gate with stone walls has an eye-catching effect too.

2. Garden entrance

Make your entrance inviting with a beautiful garden, opt for colourful, pleasantly scented blooms and greenery as well as a pathway to keep foot traffic at bay.

3. No fence

Allow your home to feel fresh and airy without a fence. Include a low hedge instead, and your home will exude elegance.

4. Wooden front door

Opt for wooden shutters and create an exciting entrance.

5. Some steel

The steel gate adds a contemporary element to this simple exterior, while the fence ensures that your family and possessions are safe and secure.

6. Ultra-modern

The walls are covered in textured light grey tiles adding a different, yet dynamic design, while the large wooden door is unmistakably modern. The bright purple pillar is a chic and quirky feature, great for homeowners who dare to be unique.

7. Minimalist elements

Choose sophisticated modern design, along with grey flooring, black walls and a petite lawn to enhance a minimalist decor. 

8. Friendly foliage

How about a bright pink house with plenty of greenery for shade and charm? It's definitely expired by the tropics.

9. From the cottage

A pretty path leads the way to the entrance of the cottage, while creepers add an authentic detail to the nature-loving exterior. 

11. European

Clement EB24 steel windows homify Minimalist windows & doors

Clement EB24 steel windows


The entrance is simple, while the high windows highlight the interesting Euro-inspired design with an airy effect. Have a look at these 13 entrances to South African homes

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