5 impressive glass staircases

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Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank, Diapo Diapo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Glass as the dominant material for a staircase is a relatively new concept, and is one that is taking off in a big way, as they perfectly complement a modern interior. Be it an all-glass staircase, a glass and steel staircase, glass with timber, or the use of glass balustrades, glass is a dynamic building material that is suitable for so much more than just windows. If you're weighing up the pros and cons for a glass staircase for your new interior, take a look at these designs for inspiration and ideas.


Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank Diapo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Whilst this ostentatious interior not be everyone's idea of their dream home, nor may it be within your budget, but the glass staircase in this grand living space packs a visual punch that is hard to deny. Wrapping around a giant, double-height fish tank full of tropical fish and coral, the staircase blends in with this feature, almost becoming one with the tank itself. The transparency of the tinted stairs, as well as the glass balustrades, ensures a view of the aquatic focal point is ever present. The stairs cantilever from the single outer stringer so as not to interfere with the tank, and radiate in an aqua colour matching the tropical scene inside. Designed by Diapo, in a home by Julian Hunter Architects, this spiralling, central staircase and fish tank are sure to be the key design feature of an undeniably extravagant home. To get a better understanding of this project, click here.

Glass & steel

Something a little less over-the-top, but just as visually pleasing, is this staircase as part of an interior by Saunders Interiors. Using thick tinted glass for the stairs, clear glass balustrades, two tones of steel for the stringer (frame) and polished handrails, the stairs draw our eyes through the upper floors to the roof of the house. Glass stairs and balustrades mean brackets can be used as a decorative feature, as well as serving a functional purpose.

The modern home

Similar to the above staircase, this design in a home by Nic Antony Architects shows us just why a glass staircase is the perfect addition to a simple, sleek and modern home. The lovely timber floorboards, bright white walls, LED lighting, steel and glass all come together for a staircase that is elegant and sleek.

A sense of space

reForm Architects know all too well the benefits of glass stairs, which have been fitted in this glorious home of an art collector in central London. The brief was to maximise the sense of space in the former textile warehouse, which has been achieved by the dominant use of glass for the staircase and the balustrades that frame the upper level. With generous access to sunlight, the transparency of glass and the space afforded to such a conversion, the home can feel welcoming and uplifting, even in the depths of winter.


If you aren't completely sold on the idea of using glass for the stairs themselves, a glass balustrade might be the ideal way to add a new dimension to a minimal home, such as in this sleek interior. Railing London have implemented a glass balustrade with walnut stairs. In conjunction with the subtle recessed lighting, the floating stairs appear to hover above one another, helped along by a steel beam hidden behind the wall—a genius design that highlights the progression of modern building technologies.

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