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Leigh Leigh
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When it comes to your home, it makes sense that you want to be proud of the look and feel. The aesthetic appearance can be very important, showing the world just how stylish and in vogue you are!

This is why the entrance to the home is so important. You want to entice people to come inside your home and give the world a little taste as to what to expect from the interior as well as who you are!

Your entrance, while packing a punch, should also work in harmony with the rest of the home design.

In order to get this balance right, you need to know just how to create an enchanting entrance. This is why today at homify, we have put together 11 entrances so pretty that you'll want to go inside!

You won't believe how each of these examples uses a front garden, front door or decor to create an incredibly eye-catching design.

Shall we take a look?

1. White courtyard

This design, by architects NAZZ Design Studio features a spacious parking area with white tiles made from smooth ceramics. These white tiles make the exterior design look very clean!

The wooden fence and wooden gate contrast beautifully with the chunky rock walls while the surrounding trees and plants make for a natural and attractive look and feel. While there are no trees at the front of the house, the mix of materials throughout the facade makes for a stylish and refreshing design.

2. Front garden

Novodeco Scandinavian style windows & doors

This entrance features a very unique little garden on each side. 

A small pathway leads to a wooden door, which is flanked by beautiful palm trees. Flowers also decorate this space, making for a vibrant and refreshing ambiance.

You'll notice that the designers have left some space free so as to not overwhelm it or make it look cluttered. 

Have a look at these tips for making a big impression with a small front garden for more inspiration.

3. Dense hedge

This house has no fence so the designers have used a hedge to create a subtle perimetre. This works incredibly well with the wooden facade!

The home is very close to the road so the hedge is a wonderful form of demarcation, while adding natural beauty to the exterior design. 

The entrance to the home is covered—a great tip! It means that family and friends won't have to wait in the rain or the hot sun while the resident opens the door. A window next to the front door allows for a little glimpse in to the home.

4. Carved wooden door

This door is simply enchanting! The carved wooden doors with leaves are beautiful, showing how you can afford to add a little bit of creativity to your home design. This is truly a beautiful entrance!

5. Contemporary steel gate

This front gate is made in a contemporary steel design. The black iron gate captures attention straight away, while allowing for a glimpse into the property of the home. It also makes for a very airy design!

Don't you love the contemporary pattern of the fence, which adds a modern touch to the home? 

Tip: Don't forget to keep your lawn neat and well-manicured!

6. Modern wooden door

This entrance features tiled light grey patterns that are very simple and straight-forward. The large wooden door and bright purple wall add a unique, eclectic and charming touch, however!

The wide wooden door features a long metal handle, which is very chic and stylish.

This entire space is also under cover, creating a comfortable and shaded entrance. 

The combination of materials makes for a very chic design!

7. Cool and modern

This is a very cool and modern home with a very cool and modern entrance!

The interior space spills out onto the garden, creating a wonderful connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The small lawn contrasts with the black and white tones of the facade.

The entire entrance looks relaxed yet stylish and edgy.

8. Colourful

Now we come across a bright pink house!

With fresh trees and beautiful plants, this pink house is striking yet subtle. A pergola allows for a shaded entrance.

The designers have thought carefully about their colour scheme here, contrasting natural greens with artificial pinks.

The result is flawless!

9. The cottage

This country cottage features brown and earthy tones as well as window frames made of wood.

Visitors, family and friends enter the home via a stone path with a slight incline. 

Once again, we come across a little pergola, which adds a functional and charming touch to the home design.

The result is a very smooth and natural look!

10. Eclectic mix

Here we come across a very eclectic and stylish art and coffee house, made with old ceramics. The modern roof and gate finish off this impressive design.

The entrance features a spacious and covered parking lot, sheltered by a sleek wooden structure. The flooring is concrete. 

The final touch is the lighting, which embraces you in warmth and charm from the get go!

11. European style

Clement EB24 steel windows homify Minimalist windows & doors

This entrance to the building features a simple wooden door, flanked by a long and narrow window. In fact, the entire facade features long and narrow windows, creating a wonderful connection between interior and exterior spaces. 

If you've been inspired by these beautiful entrances, you'll love these 10 beautiful entrance ideas to surprise your guests.

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