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6 Ethnic touches for an Indian home

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
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What is it that makes a thing 'Indian'? Is it certain colours, patterns, designs? Or is it a reflection of a certain culture, set of ideas, way of life? Truth is India is a mish-mash of cultures and traditions. And like its multifaceted personality, there isn't one exact aspect that makes a thing Indian, it is many things. Here are 6 things from 6 different corners of India that will add a beautiful ethnic touch to any Indian home.

Colourful patterned stool

This colourful stool made of tiles with a different pattern on each side is a beautiful desi addition to any Indian home. Reminiscent of the coastal beauty of the sun kissed homes of Goa, this stool is an example of how multiple cultures have blended into the 'Indian culture'. The Portuguese brought with them the Mediterranean architectural styles to India and the use of such tiles was just one of them.

Desi lamp

This kind of a desi yet modern lamp will be the perfect addition to a urban Indian home. This quirky lamp designed by MONICA KHANNA DESIGNS is simple yet ethnic enough to stand out in any home. A metal base has been given a funky Indian twist here with a beautifully painted cow on the lampshade. Whether it's the holy cow or Banana leafs, both of which you can find in most places in India, a quintessentially Indian print on a lamp can be the perfect desi touch in any Indian home.

Pottery with Mughal prints

The Mughals too ruled India for a very long time and with them they brought their own style of architecture and design. Be it the minarets at Taj Mahal, or the intricately painted or jeweled walls, the Mughals left their mark on India. While jeweled walls may not be possible for the common man of India to afford, one can always buy some pottery with intricate flowers and ferns painted on them.

Embroidered mirror worked cushions

Embroidered and mirror worked clothes and furnishings are a hallmark of Gujarat, a vibrant state on the west coast of India. These colourful decorated fabrics can be devised into anything from a Chaniya-choli for a girl to a bedspread for home. Those who want to bring in just a dash of this vibrance in their home, can go for some colourful mirror worked cushion covers like here. 

'Kantha' quilt

'Kantha' is a kind of embroidery from Bengal and Odisha where often old fabrics or sarees are stacked on each other and stitched together (traditionally by hand) to create a thicker quilt. As a result of using different fabrics or sarees the outside and inside of the kantha or quilt has different colours or prints on it. A beautiful ethnic quilt like the one here can add a distinct Indian touch to any home. Here's a quilt with Jaipuri block print from the state of Rajasthan.

Maharaja style wooden headboard

Finally, nothing says ethnic Indian as best as some antique style furniture. A beautifully carved wooden headboard like the one here can create a regal ethnic vibe in any bedroom. Whether one colours it white, black or just gives it a natural wooden varnish, the old fashioned design of the headboard is sure to grab attention and transform the bedroom into a beautiful ethnic paradise from a long time ago.

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