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6 ideas to use round drums as bookshelves

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Round drums be it made of metal or wood or any other thing is something one can get one's hands on easily and by removing the top and bottom lids, a little bit of resizing and plenty of innovation a boring old drum can be turned into a DIY wonder like a bookshelf. However it's important to give a drum a proper makeover and not a child's paint job. So here are 6 ideas to use round drums as bookshelves imaginatively.

Mix and match colours

While stacking up drums in a corner and gluing them together (to keep them safely intact) is a simple way to create a storage space for books, colouring it all plain white is going down the boring road. To spice things up a bit colour the drums a few different shades of colour or mix and match between a bright colour and a neutral one. This orange and white drum bookshelf is the perfect example of how to hit the right cord.

Black and white contrast

Another way to make your drum bookshelf more remarkable once you have safely secured it against a wall is to colour it black and white and create a sharp contrast. This round bookshelf designed by KISSKALT DESIGN is a classic example of how a striking monochrome bookshelf can be created for a home or office by revamping old drums.

Backlight them

If you want to use your round bookshelf to store more than just books backlighting it will be just the best thing to do. Whether it's some fun curios that you want to show off or store some flute glasses, lighting a brightly coloured round bookshelf will make the things in the bookshelf stand out more .

Give them a wooden finish

Whether the barrels are actually made of wood or they are metal drums, one can always leave them or give them a wooden finish to make the round bookshelf look more interesting. A rustic wooden stack of cut drums will be a unique addition as a bookshelf or showcase in any room.

Hang them on a wall

Those who don't want to just stack a bunch of wooden or metal drums in a corner can also hang them on the wall. This way they will get some funky DIY shelves to store books and curios as well as keep things out of reach of little kids.

Stack them up like a tree

A funky pre-Christmas way to stack up a bunch of old wooden modified barrels as a bookshelf is to stack them up like a Christmas tree. Clip them together like the round shelves here and create a unique Christmassy storage space. Those looking for something more quirky than round bookshelves can also check out this apple shaped bookshelf.

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