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6 ways to a happier bedroom

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Rustic style bedroom by Espacios y Luz Fotografía Rustic
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A happy bedroom is not the same thing as a colourful bedroom or a loud bedroom. A happy bedroom is one where the combination of colours, textures, prints and patterns create a harmonious, joyful vibe. If the colours clash or are too pale or if the textures and elements of the room don't blend together, then the room can end up looking loud or drab or just plain jarring. Here are 6 ways to create a 'happy' bedroom in a hassle free way.

Brightly lit mirror

A simple way to cheer up the mood in a bedroom is to light up the existing mirror brightly. Be it a green room like mirror with bulbs around the mirror like here or a thread of white christmas lights around a mirror, a funky LED light on top of a mirror or backlighting a mirror in an unusual way; one can try many tricks to liven up a room with a bright happy mirror.

Vibrant colours

Use vibrant colours. Using vibrant bright colours lends a room a happy, upbeat vibe. Drive away those blues and opt for some cheerful yellows, ravishing reds or tangy teals. The only rule here is to balance it out with a bit of a neutral colour. Like the bright yellow stripes of the wallpaper here are tempered by the off white stripes and the multi coloured quilt and red pillows are tamed by the beige bedspread. If blue is the way you want to go opt for a happy minty blue room.

Floral prints

Another way to perk up a room is to use bold floral prints. Forget those tiny tame understated sprinkles of flowers. Opt for some stunning big floral prints in juicy colours. Better still opt for floral prints in a blend of two or three colours from the same colour range like orange, red and pink or blue, green and aquamarine. A floral bed spread like the one here can cheer up any dull room.

Swishing curtains

Those who want to add a sparkle to their room but still want to stick to neutral colours can add some swishing floor to ceiling curtains in their room. Even if you don't have French windows you can opt for really long curtains in a sheer or light fabric as they create a fairytale feel in any bedroom. If these curtains are made of chiffon or lace in a pure white or shy cream, they'll create an even more magical effect.

Fun wallpaper

Menora Residence Modern style bedroom by Moda Interiors Modern
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

A fun way to bring in a touch of happiness in a room is to add a fun wallpaper. Be it a kids bedroom or a couples retreat, a lively cheerful wallpaper like the one here with multi coloured butterflies, designed by MODA INTERIORS can liven up even the most drab uninspiring room.

Funky accessories

Those who are willing to add something new to a room can opt for colourful paintings, funky retro posters or even a kitschy chair to amp up the happy quotient in a room. Be it modern or inspired from the 80's, colourful or a single bold object in an eye catching colour, few bold accessories placed strategically in a room can bring in plenty of upbeat cheer.

The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, it is an optimistic and uplifting colour that drives away gloom. Here are 6 ways to use Orange at home.

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