Hidden places that should be cleaned (part 2)

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Here we are with part two of our forgotten cleaning spots guide and we have saved some real treats for you.

It goes without saying that unless you're a professional cleaner, you'll always miss a few spots, but we want to minimise how many you overlook by filling you in on some really surprising areas. 

If you're ready to have a gleaming bathroom and spotless belongings, let's get started!

17. Make-up organisers on vanity units

If you have a stand for your make-up brushes, you might be shocked at how much product runs into the bottom of it. A simple rinse once a week will keep it sanitary.

18. Around your plumbing items

It's easy to think plug holes will be naturally clean (with all the soap that runs down there), but the channels can get really grimy! An old toothbrush will make light work of making your drains dazzling.

19. Your dryer's lint trap

You probably already empty the lint trap regularly, but do you give it a proper clean? Get your vacuum cleaner in there to grab any stragglers at the bottom!

20. Everywhere in your car

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How often do you actually dust, vacuum and clean your car? Be honest now. It's worth doing once a week to stay on top of it!

22. Technology screens

So many tech items are touchscreen these days, but that leads to some seriously greasy and dirty belongings. Regularly go to town on your phone, computer and television screens to prevent slimy streaks appearing.

23. Toothbrush holders

You clean your teeth, pop your toothbrush back in the holder and walk away, right? 

Well that could be leaving wet, bacteria-filled residue in the bottom, which you then grab the next time to brush your teeth! Rinse the holder regularly to ditch the dirt.

23. Rubbish bins

Always give your rubbish bins a once over with an anti-bacterial wipe to ensure no nasties are lurking on the surface. 

A good rule of thumb is to do it whenever you change a bag, so you can clean, pop the wipe in the rubbish and throw everything away at once.

24. Shower curtains

Prone to mildew, did you know that you can pop your shower curtains in the washing machine to freshen them up? Easy, quick and so worth doing!

25. Bath mats

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Just as with shower curtains, bath mats can be popped in the washing machine and they really should be! All manner of damp-loving bacteria will quickly make a home there if you don't give it a rinse.

26. Bed valances

You may not sleep directly on your valance sheet, but it still needs a regular wash as dead skin cells, dust and pet hair will naturally gravitate towards it. 

homify hint: Own a couple so you can wash one while the other is in use.

27. Your toaster

Your toaster needs a regular clean, inside and out. You might already be wiping the exterior shell but if left, old toast crumbs and dirt will quickly collect in the bottom and make it less efficient. 

A simple shake upside down normally does the trick.

28. Pet beds.

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Our furry friends are our pride and joy but wow, they do bring in some muck! 

Hair shedding, muddy paws and secret food stashing will all make their beds smelly, dirty and unhygienic, so always give them a vacuum and air them out when you can.

29. Make-up bags

Girls, you know what we're talking about here. 

It doesn't matter how tightly you screw those lids on, foundation, mascara and bronzer always seems to fall out and pool in the bottom of your make-up bag, making for a very grimy collection of products. Grab a wipe and clean it out!

30. Throw pillows

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As with any textiles you lie on or cuddle with, throw pillows need a regular wash as they become clogged with dead skin cells and even absorb strong food odours. Who wants to flop onto the sofa and smell last week's curry? 

Give covers a wash in your machine and spritz your pads with fabric freshener.

31. The bottom of your shoes

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Doormats make a valiant effort to get the mud and dirt off your shoes, but they can't catch everything. Unless you like a hallway that's full of crusty muck, put your shoes outside and give them a proper scrape with a wire brush. 

Leave them to dry properly first and it will flake off easily.

32. Light bulbs

The energy that your light bulbs give out acts as a natural dust magnet, so while you're giving your shades a quick going over with a lint roller, wipe your bulbs too. It will make a big difference!

If you missed part one of this handy guide, you can find it here: Hidden places that should be cleaned.

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