Easy tricks to make your home Vastu Shastra friendly

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One always hears that a home should be 'Vastu compliant'. So what is Vastu? Vastu short for Vastu shastra is a ancient Hindu system of architecture, which literally translates to 'science of architecture'. It is simply put a way of designing and decorating a room or home according to a set of rules that ensure maximum happiness, health and prosperity in a home. Here are 6 Vastu tips for decorating a room in any Indian home.

Shape of the room

The shape of a room has huge significance in Vastu. Square shaped rooms are the best according to Vastu, as they are balanced and thus promote harmony. Even rectangular shaped rooms are considered good and auspicious. L-shaped or T-shaped rooms are considered to be the most inauspicious and irregularly shaped rooms are supposed to cause various problems and poverty. Triangular rooms are supposed to affect progress, while octagonal rooms are considered bad for finance.

Wall colour

As per Vastu, colours are supposed to be used according to the direction in which the room lies in a home. A room in the east should be coloured white for prosperity, but a room in the west side of the house will benefit from being blue. Green is ideal for bringing in some luck for rooms located in the north, while pink is perfect for rooms in the south.

A serene element

According to Vastu adding a few serene and beautiful decorating elements in a room invites positive vibrations in the room. Thus adding a beautiful and peaceful object in a room, be it a serene stone statue of Buddha like this one curated by BONITO DESIGNS BANGALORE or a pretty landscape of a calm countryside, will help to create a happy and positive vibe in that room.

Placement of mirror

Vastu shastra considers glass and mirror to have a very strong influence on the well being of a home. According to Vastu a mirror at home in any room should only be placed on the walls in the north or east direction. Moreover, the mirror in a bedroom should not be placed in front of the bed and should be placed in such a way that the reflection of someone standing outside the room is not visible in it.

Door at 90 degrees

According to the norms of Vastu doors, particularly the main door should always open at 90 degrees, meaning all the way. This allows for positive energies to completely enter a home. There should not be anything behind the door to obstruct the door from opening all the way. Here's how a two sided main door should be according to Vastu.

Lighting in the right place

Lighting as per Vastu should first and most importantly be adequate. Inadequate lighting leads to imbalances in a home according to Vastu rules. Also lighting in the bedroom should be soothing and should use delicate textures to promote harmony. Lamps and lights positioned along the north and east walls are considered positive, as light emanating from the north-east represents approaching prosperity.

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