15 fabulous ideas to illuminate your beautiful garden

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The beautiful garden, usually bustling with life under sunlight, becomes dull as the evening descends. Nothing can replace the brightness of the sun. But, we the professionals of Homify can help you in brightening up the garden in the evenings too. Switch on the lights and spend the relaxed evenings in the romantic ambiance of your garden.

There are many impressive ways to light up the green area of your house: floor lighting, wall lighting, hanging lamps, fairy lights, LED lights, water-resistant lamps, spot lights… the list goes on. Instead of telling about the lights, why not just see it. We have brought for you a collection of 15 fabulous images of lighting the gardens to make it look beautiful even in the evenings. Have a look and choose one for your garden.

​1. Lighting the garden from hidden source

Strategically hide the light source in your garden and watch the scattering magic. Since the lamps or the source of the lights will be hidden you don’t have to be concerned about its design. However, if you are placing the lamps in water, make sure that it is water-resistant.

​2. The power of powerful lights


When the sun goes down, lighten up your garden with powerful lights. Position the lamps so that the lights get reflected and create a beautiful visual. In this small garden, the powerful lamps are placed near the pillars. The beautiful line of lights on the pillars seems to be travelling from earth to heaven.

​3. From the floor to everywhere

The embedded lamps on the floor disperse its lights everywhere. It creates a mysterious environment. You will look forward for a romantic walk on this pathway every evening.

​4. Colorful lights highlighting the beauty

Make your garden colorful in the night. Let the green plants look green, water be blue and the rustic look of the walls be so even in the evenings. Select different color lights to highlight the beauty and see how wonderful it looks. You just have to put lamps with filters, rest it will do.

5. Let the lights guide your way

Define the garden area by bordering it with lights. Let the lights twinkle in the evening’s right in your garden.

​6. Radiating walls

You can create a sensational environment in the garden by putting lamp on the walls. The shadows it will form will create a mystic environment. It completely depends on you about what type of lamp you want, embedded or the normal one.

​7. Lights from below to above

We have already seen an image with lights from the floor lightening up the garden. There are many ways in which you can play with the light and shadow to give a unique and distinct personality to your garden.

​8. All lights are there for a reason

Even the ordinary fairy lights could make your garden shine. Just look at this garden decorated with blue lights. Isn’t it looking amazing?

​9. Channelizing the lights

The beauty with the exterior lighting is that we can control and channelize it according to our wish. Which part to highlight, where to spot the rays and which to keep away from light, you can control it all. So play with lights and shadows and create magic.

10. Fire, the ancient way of lighting

Let’s connect to the ancient world and brighten up the garden with fire. The stone pit on fire, the diffused lighting from it, cool evening breeze and plants in the vicinity, it’s romantic, welcoming and beautiful.

​11. Light up the modern gardens

Instead of the floor lighting, keep the lights slightly above the floor in the lower part of the walls, benches and planters. This will have an entirely different affect and will look amazing.

​12. Taming the light

Lights emitting from sources installed at random places will look untamed and chaotic. We recommend you to place the light source at regular intervals so that the light falling on the plants and walls look tamed and organized.

​13. Ordinary is extraordinary

The most common outdoor lamps are all-time favorite in any garden. Do you think that these ordinary lamps are not going to add to the aesthetic of your garden? Have a look before you make a statement.

14. Lights from opposite directions

A small garden with lots of plants and furniture will look great with proper lighting arrangements. Lighten it up with light releasing from opposite directions. Hanging lamps from the roof and scattering lights from the niches of the wall looks amazing.

​15. A lone lamp standing tall

It is always better to light up a lamp than to stay in dark even though it is just a single lamp standing tall in the middle of a small garden.

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