12 closet designs that can be custom built to your taste

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The bedroom closet is used for multiple purposes besides storing clothes and accessories  making it the most essential piece of furniture after bed. Depending on materials and design a closet can become the center of attraction and appreciation whether it is located in the dressing area or bedroom. Most homes today have built in closets within the walls of bedrooms and dressing rooms to save floor space. Depending on requirement closets can be purchased and fitted into empty spaces in the bedroom or can be custom built at the site and fitted across the walls with different types of doors and shelves. 

In this ideabook we shall explore designs of 12 closets that can be easily created by a professional carpenter on site and arranged in the place of your choice.

1. Glamorous creation

If an entire room or gallery can be converted into a dressing room then it is easy to plan the layout of closets across an entire wall like here. The lower sections of closets can be used to keep shoes appropriate for clothing on hangers while the top shelves can hold accessories like ties, hats, belts etc. To make the maximum use of space available in the dressing room the owners have combined open shelves with closed closets and drawers that can be used to segregate clothes according to seasonal changes.The far end of this glamorous room has a long dressing table and mirrors for last minute assessment before stepping outdoors.

2. Across the wall

Generally a long wall is sufficient for setting up a closet it can be set up in both small and large bedrooms with design and size custom built to suit owners’ requirements. Cabinet with combination of shelves and drawers designed vertically and horizontally can be set up according to space available within the wall or can be designed offsite and then arranged in the room or hall.

3. Personal closets

Instead of thinking about having closets for each of the family members, why not devote a complete room to accommodate everyone's clothing. One wall can be for the parents and another for the children, to separate installs a large bookcase that will allow you to have the shoes of the whole family easily at hand.

4. Cupboards on both sides of the wall

St. Mary Abbots, Coupdeville Coupdeville Modern dressing room

St. Mary Abbots


A well designed closet will make it easy to arrange clothes, accessories and other paraphernalia making it easy to grab appropriate ensemble for special occasions quickly. This well-lit region shows how important illumination is for the dressing room, which people do not give much importance to regarding it more as a storage area for clothes.

5. Variable dimensions

When your closet region is used for storage of different kind of personal possessions like photographs, jewellery, money and documents besides clothes then it will have to be designed as such to meet these needs. Horizontal and vertical shelves with hooks to hang belts and ties followed tray style drawers for women accessories like here is ideal to meet multiple requirements. See how well winter clothing and bedding is accommodated in this combination of furniture and its accessories.

6. Utilisation of small spaces

Underutilized basement or attic? Why not utilize this space to design a storage area for clothes and other corresponding essentials in an orderly fashion. This elegant closet created completely out of wood is perfect for this small space as combination of small and wide shelves provide ample storage for clothing of every size and shape.

7. Enchanting grains

If you prefer the appearance of elegant grains of wood that have a style of their own, then use it in designing closets for perfect finish. The pair of enchanting cabinets here separated by a floor to ceiling mirror bring warmth to the region and also last for several years.

8. Adventurous design for the young

Seeking a makeshift place to keep clothes that does not occupy much space and is easy on the pocket too? Then try out this unusual proposal that consists of shelves suspended in mid-air with metal wires and clips allow easy management of clothes and shoes.

9. Open closet below the bed

This space saving furniture layout has been designed to accommodate a bed above the box-like structure which also includes a display case and clothes closet built into it.

10. Importance of good furniture

Gwel an Treth Perfect Stays Modern dressing room
Perfect Stays

Gwel an Treth

Perfect Stays

A closer look at this open cabinet shows how a customized piece of furniture can be accommodated into the gap in the wall to create eclectic storage space for meeting multiple needs.

11. Behind the curtains

Bring the closet within easy reach of your bed by accommodating a fluid design within the bedroom. These dark curtains create a stylish separation between bed and clothes storage area. All you need to do after a late night party is to quickly change and just flop down on the bed!!

12. Alcove style closet

Sometimes just a long curve in the wall is sufficient to accommodate a closet and turn a section of the bedroom into a dressing area. By creating a simple wall around the curve, the designers have managed to give life to a private closet region and also arrange a dressing table that is uniquely modern.

Want to explore more closet designs, then here are Easy ways to have a stunning wardrobe.

Which closet design did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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