11 Trendy ideas to spruce up the accent wall

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If you are bored and weary of your, more than a decade old, home interior and are looking for some interesting and hassle-free options, then you have found just the right article for the day. You can re-invent the freshness and style of your room by focusing on just one wall. The accent wall, as its called, can bring in a new texture and color into your room decor.

Go beyond the idea of simply painting a wall with a coordinating color and try something trendy. Here are a few selected ideas, from the pool of many, to inspire you to spruce up that old accent wall of your room.

Wall collage

Make the most of that bare highlighted wall in the room by putting together a collage of memories either in the form of your family pictures or your travel souvenirs along with some personalised artwork and framed mirrors. Mixing these elements together, at random will create a distinct yet a trendy wall collage. So go ahead, open your family chest and dig-out the old family pictures, your grandmother’s mirror and those old china plates, and work-out a collage.

Read stunning photo wall ideas for more creative inspiration.

Beautiful wall decals

A much easy and equally impactful can be the use wall decals. Wall decals are flooding the wall décor market as are very easy to use, cheap on the wallet, and available in beautifully unique themes to suit the different spaces in your home. You can choose from the wide range of options available online and can transform the room environment in no time. They are removable and applicable to multiple surface finishes, thus giving you an ever available option to re-decorate your home.

Personalised canvas

Do not shy away from bold display of your or your kid's art explorations on the canvas. Go head and highlight the artwork by hanging it on the accent wall in your living room. It is one of the most unique, artistic and vibrant means to re-invent the room decor. Coordinate the colors in the artwork with room accessories like cushions, rug or even the light fixtures for added character to the room decor.

Paint your mind

Take a leap and make that bare-brick textured accent wall your canvas. You can paint a motif, a theme or simply transform the wall into a graffiti art. Get some spray cans and paint your mind throughout the wall. The graffiti art will add color, style and some excitement to the modern room decor. You can also try to get in touch with some graffiti artists for some edgy suggestions and leads on how to go about it.

Artwork Installation

For a classy and modern look you can choose to shop for a metal-art installation or, if interested, you can create one on your own. Metal-art installations can add an off-beat creative character to your room and compliment the modern decor theme.

Creative storage

Add some storage value to the blank wall space with this innovative wall storage system that looks an even more interesting piece of art than mere storage units. It is interesting to see how an old papered wall can be given new life and character by adding the colorfull hexagonal units that are functionally meant to store regular home items. You can know more about this storage system and try making your own aswell.

Book shelving

Give your books some fascinating shelving and gift yourself a piece of art in the form of a tree profiled book shelf. This bookshelf gives a purpose to the otherwise bare accent wall and becomes the focal point in the room. So go ahead and choose from the many book shelving ideas and give a call to your carpenter.

Dynamic art

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Black is definitely not a preferred color to be used in home decor. But here is an idea strong enough to convince you to give black color a chance. The blackboard is the inspiration for this wall, and can most certainly be used in the kids room for them enjoy scribbling, drawing or writing on the wall. The wall becomes dynamic with changing content on it and allows your kid's to explore their creativity. You can also try this idea in kitchen and creatively display what is special in dinner. 

Tip: Make sure the room gets abundant natural light as the dark color can make the room appear smaller.

Comic strip

This one is specially for all the comic lovers, both old and young. Re-invent the room decor with a custom made comic-strip wallpaper or cut out the strips from the daily newspaper to create your own wallpaper. This customised new look looks will make the room appear quirky and trendy, and when you bored you can definitely re-read some old comic strips.

Light the wall

Try some innovative lighting ideas to highlight the accent wall. You can achieve some special effects and create some drama with the interesting light fixtures like this neon lighted tree and other illumination techniques. Effective lighting can enhance the overall room ambience and add warmth to the decor. Here are a few lighting ideas to inspire you to make creative change and accentuate the accent wall.

DIY Craft

If you like DIY crafts and feel like transforming your living room accent wall then get some craft mirrors from the market and stick them to create a unique motif on the wall. Sketch out an an organic pattern on the wall and accordingly stick the mirrors. Incase, you are not the one with an artistic hand, you can cut out geometrical shapes in differently colored paper and arrange them to create a geometrical pattern.

For the many ideas that were put together for you, choose that has inspired you the most and get started on the wall.

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