10 pictures of U shaped kitchens ideal for Indian homes

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A standard U shaped kitchen is among the most versatile designs as it keeps everything within easy reach whether the region is small or large. These kitchens are usually designed with work-spaces on three sides with cabinets below them with one of the parallel sides longer than the other. The longer end which sometimes becomes a galley usually contains the washing area or breakfast bar.

Whether U-shaped kitchens are located in large or small areas they provide plenty of work space and are safe as they have a single entry and exit point. Planning the layout is relatively easy in U shaped kitchens as it allows room for flexibility and symmetry. Here are 10 creative U shaped kitchen designs that can be applied to Indian homes whether it is being renovated or under construction.

1. Pretty yellow

This is a kitchen that is a delight to work in with its eclectic combination of colors from top to bottom and graceful layout of cabinets and drawers that complement each other. Combination of pull out drawers and large cabinets make it easy to stack small and large items separately that may otherwise get lost in deep cabinets.

2. Compact and fun

The design we have is typical of small homes with limited space that does not compromise on comfort or décor. Elegant Scandinavian style kitchen with white and grey surfaces make the region feel spacious. The charcoal sketches of faces on the side add a quirky touch to this kitchen inspired by frothy waves of the sea. Combination of sleek cabinetry with frosted glass back-splash and slim mirror separating it from open shelf are modern ways to personalize a kitchen.

3. Monochrome kitchen that entices

This elegant modular kitchen has been fashioned out of hybrid board cabinets, stainless steel accessories and digital vinyl laminations that give it an air of class and sophistication. Keeping the cooking range close to the window keeps the glossy white surfaces free of grime and enables clear distinction between prep areas and the cleanup zone of this trendy U-shape kitchen that is large enough for multiple cooks to work in harmony. This kitchen also boasts of a sleek pair of glass fronted floating cabinets for spice jars that need to be located without fuss.

4. Dominating window

An elegant kitchen designed with timber in modest shades of black and white is dominated by the large window located in central run area to let in ample sunlight and air. The intricately patterned granite tiles on the back-splash adds to the glamour of this spacious U shaped kitchen that is large enough for more than two people to cook or wash dishes and enjoy the scenery outside.

5. Beautiful layout

 Keeping glassware within easy reach cannot get more innovative than this stylish rack with trays balanced on steel poles. Simple sandstone counter and dark mahogany cabinets make an enchanting combination in this modern kitchen adorned with shiny stainless steel appliances.

6. Brilliant mix of traditional and modern

This design shows how two completely different design styles can be combined to make a stylish kitchen that has everything a house-owner would require within the region. Earthy brick oven, iron stools, wooden floor and tall window make this region look more like a rustic kitchen than a modern one.

7. Beauty in simplicity

With colorful lights floating around the ceiling and spacious U shaped layout the kitchen is delightfully modern in its features and finish. Essential electrical kitchen gadgets have been neatly built beside floating kitchen units above the counter instead of usual below counter layered arrangement. The intricate golden pattern along the back-splash adds to the upmarket style of this modern kitchen.

8. Light and classy

The simple design and light tone of this minimalist kitchen make it look large and spacious even with the multitude of cabinets from floor to ceiling. This is just the right kind of kitchen for a small apartment with cabinets designed around the windows and marble covered counters.

9. Contemporary U shaped kitchen

The cooking range is located right at the center of kitchen’s run area to anchor its work triangle and place it within equal distance from the refrigerator and the sink to its left. The elegant backsplash pattern looks enchanting against the dark green backdrop of the cabinets to give the kitchen an aesthetic finish.

10. Modern and stylish

This modern kitchen shows that space is not a prerequisite for creating a comfortable region to cook and showoff to friends. The trendy combination of grey and orange against white background in this region increases its style quotient making it worthy of appreciation and discussion.

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The advantage of a U-shaped modular kitchen

Ergonomically designed kitchens offer a comfortable and efficient place for working, whether it is for preparing daily meals or cooking up a feast when having guests over for a gathering. Among the various kitchen layouts, the U shaped kitchen design is the most ergonomic one. Design professionals use the U shaped layout for kitchens wherever possible because it makes it easy to implement the ‘golden triangle’ that makes it efficient. The golden triangle in U shaped modular kitchen design is nothing but the positioning of the stove, refrigerator and sink in a triangular layout where each of them forms one of the corners of the triangle.

The practicality of this triangular arrangement is that you can move comfortably from the stove to the refrigerator to get ingredients when cooking, and on the other side, move to the sink for water or to wash up after you cook.

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