10 ideas to make the entrance of your house look modern

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When you want to modernize your home to give it a new look or a more contemporary appearance, it’s a good idea to start with the entrance as it’s the first thing that people will love about your house.

You’ll find thousands of options for remodelling an entrance, whether it’s to make it more modern or give it a rustic touch that brings a cosy look, or a simple change in colour to make it brighter. If you are willing to experiment, by changing the door or using bold colours or new materials, you can completely transform the look of your residence.

In this ideabook, we present 10 ideas for refreshing the entrance of your house to bring a contemporary style without losing out on warmth so that it has a welcoming feel for visitors. Join us as we take you through the options.

1. Integration of structures, colour contrasts and vegetation

We start with an entrance that integrates several elements in perfect harmony – a floating chocolate-toned planter box looks splendid against the creamy-white textured wall with a rustic feel. The dark wood block that frames the door can be replaced with steel for a more modern look. However, wood works perfectly in this home to enhance the contemporary style of the entrance. The cactus and succulents in the planter box as well as the climbing vines in the hallway add a fresh and charming touch.

2. Textured and raised

This design has the wall next to the door cladded with strips of wood that give it an exquisite texture. The natural wood slats have different tones, and in addition, two spotlights from the floor, shine on the wood to create a unique set of shadows. The white pebble bed with a beautiful palm tree on the side adds colour to the setting. Finally, a small staircase of two concrete slabs is crowned with a modern, dark-wood door with a stainless-steel panel at the centre. It’s contemporary and simple – very cool!

3. Wood, steel and stone

The appeal of the contemporary style lies not so much in the variety of materials and textures that it uses, but rather in the combination of these elements. This entrance uses traditional and rustic materials such as wood and stone, but combined with textures of steel and concrete it looks wonderful! The double-door is made of chocolate-coloured steel with contrasting chrome handles. The lintel features a piece of rustic wood under a white concrete ledge. At the bottom, a base step of unpolished granite creates a strong threshold.

4. A path over water

This wonderful entrance is sure to charm anyone with every step they take! The path to the door is made of a series of wooden platforms with LED lights underneath that give the impression that they are floating. Not only that! They float over a body of water that is in constant motion thanks to the pump that creates a small fountain in the centre. Completing the look is a large wooden door with a fixed glass window at the side.

5. Vertical arrangement with lots of stone

This image presents a nice alternative by covering the wall near the entrance with blocks of decorative stone (ceramic tiles can also be used in the same rusty tones), while the wall on which the door is fixed has a smooth texture and a light colour that adds a stunning contrast. In addition, the door is designed in a long vertical structure that extends to the ceiling. The horizontal wooden slats on the door create shapes and texture, resulting in an attractive entrance.

6. Black and orange quarry stone

This colossal entrance is covered in black stone – you can use either quarry or volcanic stone. In addition, two solid columns in orange quarry stone (or you can use ceramic tiles in the same colour) frame the threshold. The door has a strip in the same colour and texture as the column, which creates a synergistic vertical element.

7. A covered threshold

To give a mysterious and majestic look to your home, you can create an outer niche or lobby near the door. All it takes is building walls and a roof at the entrance to make it feel like a room that is completely open at the front. Raising the level of the area so that it is above the ground level is a good idea. Cover the entire structure with an attractive material that introduces a seductive texture. You can use ceramic tiles, decorative stone or wooden slats.

8. A wall that indicates the entrance

Another option is to build a wall of considerable height along the path leading to the threshold. The wall can be painted in a bold or contrast colour or coated with attractive materials such as stone or wood. Adding blocks of stone in the garden to create a pathway enhance the look. This idea may require a larger budget, but the result is well worth it!

9. An incredible colour

A more economical option, but one that will make a big impact, is to paint to give a new colour to the door as well as the furniture and other elements at the entrance. Fuchsia pink looks great in this entrance, especially when combined with garden furniture in the same colour as well as the black railing and pillars. If your door is simple and boring, consider replacing it with another piece that has a window, stained glass, interesting shapes or beautiful handles.

10. Metal doors

If you are willing, how about changing your door and replacing it with a couple of steel sheets? You can even integrate it into a new volume in your home, like in this image that has a container attached to the original structure to bring a contemporary and sophisticated air to the entrance – spectacular!

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Which of these ideas will you copy for your house? Let us know in the comments.

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