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Backlighting you home to reveal much more

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Transforming artwork using Eli-Glow Photo luminescent Pigments, Eli-Chem Resins U.K Ltd Eli-Chem Resins U.K Ltd Other spaces
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For a futuristic and different look, having a decorative piece that lights up when the lights are out or when the backlighting is on will be a game changer. A second and unexpected part of an object comes to life when the room is of a darker setting. Here are a few examples that will show that even in the dark or at night, a lot comes to life just like in Nature.

Abstract painting

This image present a breathtaking abstract painting that is of great many splashes of movement and action. There is a lively effect brought in by this painting that seems to transcend through the screen. When all is dark and a black light is lit, this piece is a breath of life among darkness. For abstract art lovers this is a statement piece that will add a stylish edge to any room that is created by Andreas Gentzsch.

Lit bamboo

For a sultry and intimate feel, this room design has everything to offer. One can have a private conversation with someone dear to them in this cosy and inviting setting. Black lights have been carefully placed under the row of inordinately placed bamboo stalks. The black lights in this picture serve as the right kind of lighting for great times to be had.

Colours in the dark

Another brilliant examples that showcases the benefits of black lights in a room is in this picture. When the normal lights are turned off and the black lights are switched on, a plethora of intricate and mesmerising patterns adorn the wall of this room. Also, these patterns come to life in a vibrant cobalt blue colour tone which are well harmonised with the funky hued ceiling colours of fuchsia and peach. 

Second life art

For a unique effect and experience, the current picture demonstrates how, even in the dark, objects can have a second life. The beautiful art shown here captures the imagination, it instills wonder and amazement. In a bedroom or a bathroom, these pieces will bring an inviting and personal setting to the space they are in. This is a creative way to bring art to life.

Lit potted plant

A potted plant serves its function of housing a plant or a tree and this idea has been pushed to a farther limit. The inspiration for this lit potted plant is to light up a space at night and enliven the regular good old potted plant decorative piece. This plant has a new life and it is one of nocturnal beauty that is sure to add a funky atmosphere to the mix.

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