5 wonderful brick walls for the home

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
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Ever since bricks came to be, they have had a longstanding friendship with houses and buildings. Bricks are quite sturdy and they can be arranged in many way to created various shapes and forms, may it be curved, unevenly layered or angled. Here are a few inspirations that pay tribute to the beautiful art of brick laying.

Colour changing brick walls

This image shows a living room with two different types of brick walls. First off, the white brick wall closest to the window has been perfectly placed where the natural light comes through. Being of a light colour tone, the light streaming through the window will bounce off the white brick wall and bring light into the room. Secondly, the rich burgundy red brick wall augments this living rooms character and depth.

Arched bricks

This pictures shows how bricks can be assembled in a way that is of stoic grandeur. The bricks in this living room have been layered in a way that permits arched windows to stand proudly in this room. A brick wall brings much texture to this room as well as a calming gentle beige tone to this living room. This project has been made possible by Tikkanen Arquitetura.

A cube of bricks

For a layered and textured effect, having a room in the shape of a cube of bricks is the solution. The masterful brick laying present in this room has been built in a way where not all bricks are evenly placed which then creates much texture to this grand room. This layered effect is augmented by the natural sunlight travelling throughout the room. Also the colour tone of the surrounding brick walls have an earthy tone to them.

Original brick wall

The modern and industrial style present in this room shows how a marvellous blend of old and new can be achieved. The bare original brick wall has been kept as is to make a variance from the usual painted regular walls. This room sets the stage for a confortable and inviting time to be had. The warm colour tones of the brick wall are also well harmonised with the grey couches and funky metal toned hanging lamp.

Bathroom elegance

The bathroom shown in this picture has much elegance. Black and white are the predominant colours in this image, and with reason: these two opposite colours work well together to create a relaxing space which is be a great asset to this bathroom. The main element in this bathroom is the white painted brick wall that reflects the sunlight coming in and brings a decorative edge to this room

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