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9 curtain designs for Indian homes

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Curtains go a long way in boosting aesthetic appeal of your home. Its selection, display and draping are important elements that require your time, attention and effort for realisation of your 'perfect home'. The right fabric, color, design and style of curtains can add warmth and splendor to your home spaces. But this can turn out to be a real challenging task considering the multi-various options that are now available in the market. To help you along the way, here are eight style advices that will provide you a little inspiration and direction towards ambient and elegant home décor.

Color and Contrast

The creative inter-play of coordination and contrast that is achieved in the curtain design makes this living room decor crisp and modern. The ivory drapes are well coordinated with the couch and walls, whereas the chocolate brown drapes break the monotony of lighter shades in the room and are also perfectly synchronous with the room decor. 

Tip: Choose a shade for your curtains, either a version darker or lighter, from the color palette available in the room and add an element of delicacy by pairing it with sheer.

Idea of tieback

There is something so magical and glamorous about these golden-yellow translucent curtains, held back with silk ties  and filtering light into the living space. The curtains are used to create a room focal point as they appear to frame the ornate fireplace in the room. The art-deco styled living space looks grand in the ceiling-to-floor length luxurious curtains, perfectly blending with the cushions and other room decor elements.

Solid Pleated

The ivory shade pleated curtains in this bedroom emanate elegance and charm, and perfectly blend with the contemporary room decor. The ceiling-to-floor length curtains appear to be an extension of the adjacent wall with some texture added to it by the pleats. 

Tip: Try layering the solid fabric curtain with sheer, to enjoy natural light and some privacy during the day.

Sheer with grace

Be it modern or classical, contemporary or ornate, sheer curtains can aesthetically and functionally enhance the decor theme. This art-deco styled room appears royal in every way with the ivory silk curtain gracefully tucked back to reveal the delicate sheer filtering light into the room. 

Tip: The use of muted neutral tones imparts grace and elegance to room decor.

Bold and Pattern

If you believe in going bold then style up your space like this dining area. You can drape the windows with a dark colored curtain fabric by picking a dominant color from the room furnishings. You can go for a patterned fabric to add character to the space. 

Tip: The dark colored curtains might make the room the look smaller, so go for ceiling-to-floor length curtains which will add dimension to your room. Also, make sure the room has enough natural light coming in during the day.

Curtains with roman blinds

Roman shades might not be as dramatic as long window curtains, but they can definitely add as much color and pattern to your decor. The timeless beauty of roman shades completes the contemporary look of this living room with the geometric pattern. 

Tip: You can use roman shades to replace the sheer on windows that receive direct harsh sun during summers.

Roller blinds

It's in the past that use of roller blinds was limited to office interiors, its advantages like easy installation, easy use, low maintenance and variety of designs have made its use possible in home decor industry, too. This modern living room gets a refined and elegant look with the white roller blinds.

Pleated blinds

For a more crisp and contemporary look try pleated blinds that are available in many appealing colors and patter. 

Tip: A honeycomb variety of pleated blinds can has been found to be very effective in regulating internal environments against harsh climate outside.

Bamboo blinds

Though, bamboo blinds have been there since a very long time, but its design and aesthetic appeal have been refined over the years. Today, bamboo blinds look exceptionally beautiful and impart an ethnic-asian dimension to your design while allowing light and adding a natural feel to the area. 

Tips: You can choose to use them in kitchen, bathrooms and in your living spaces.

If you got inspired and are planning to redecorate your home with new curtains,  then look at this ideabook for some great ideas.

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