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12 myths about modern houses we bet you still believe in

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When it comes renovating or buying a new house, everyone has their opinion. While this understandable since a house is one of the most prized aspects of our lives, it is important to realize that most of these comments come from people who do not possess the required technical knowledge about architecture and construction. 

Many times, people fall prey to myths that lead to incorrect decisions, financial losses or other stresses. Mostly, these myths are just false ideas that are carried on for decades without any critical thought given to them. Hence, our today's article is about 12 such myths which have been prevalent for a long time and have led to countless misplaced decisions and financial burdens.

Take to look to know if you relate with any of them!

1: A convenient home needs a lot of money

This is one of the biggest myths that has been around for ages. Yes, it is true that good construction costs extra money, but the ultimate result does not depend on how much you spend.

What matter is clarity of ideas in your mind and a good architect to execute those ideas on the site. With good communication with the consultants and non-deviation from the initial concepts, you can make sure that your house can be built exactly as per your desire and within the allocated financial budget.

2: Large windows are not suitable for cold climates

It is a myth that says larger window panels would lead to heat loss thus making them unsuitable for cold climates. The fact is, today, there are numerous thermally insulated glazing systems available in the market that combine double glazing and high-tech insulation system to prevent heat loss even in the coldest of temperatures.

So leave the worry aside and go for that panoramic window that will allow you beautiful views of your surrounding nature.

3: The flat roof is not suitable for winter snow

Flat roofs are all around us, even in the coldest of climates. It is a myth that says flat roofs cannot deal with snow, while the truth is, any flat roof can easily deal with heavy snow deposition, sometimes even more than 2 meters in height. The only two things that need to be considered are that the structural design of the roof must take into account the severity of snowfall and the roof must be protected with high-quality roof insulation and drainage system.

4: Energy efficient buildings are expensive

Energy efficiency is a partially understood concept. The correct way of putting it is, energy efficient buildings are expensive in their initial built cost, however, in the long run, considering the cost of maintenance as well as heating/cooling, energy efficient buildings are proven to be much cheaper than buildings which have not considered energy saving concepts in their design.

5: Glazing is expensive

It is a myth when people say glazing is expensive. The fact is, glazing is relatively cheaper than other partition and cladding elements with an advantage of faster installation and better maintenance. But the most important benefit is that glazing allows us beautiful views of the surroundings and looks far better from the exterior as well.

If you have any doubts, just imagine this building with brick walls in place of the currently installed glazing panels.

6: Open plans are inconvenient

Often people think that an open plan can disturb privacy or mix spaces that might spoil the ambiance of the house. This is particularly with the case of having an open plan living room with dining area and kitchen in the same space. However, that is not always a problem, with a decent ventilation system and proper maintenance, you can easily eliminate your concerns of smell or untidy counters.

With this, what you get in return is a larger and brighter living space that goes a long way in enhancing the quality of life in your house.

7. Swimming pools are only for the rich

Often we are used to swimming pools in television shows or magazines that are huge with palatial houses in the backdrop. While the truth is, swimming pools can be designed in various shapes and sizes with countless types of finishes that range from being economical to very expensive. 

We highly recommend you to call your consultant, you will be surprised to know that the pool might well be in your budget!

8: Not all projects are implemented in the budgeted cost and time

Although it is true that the final costs of the project deviates slightly from the initially estimated figure, it is a myth that all projects go beyond their estimated costs and time schedule. For clients, it is important to understand that over the course of the project, construction goes through several phases, many a time it is the client who demands changes from the original design or desire different quality furniture or fixtures. Another reason is that a lot of times, the contractors or architects do not have adequate experience. Thus, if one is careful about the experts that are chosen and sticks to the type of finishes that are decided in the initial meetings, it is not difficult to complete a project within the stipulated time and budget.

9: Projects from different climates and countries cannot be replicated

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Skapetze Lichtmacher

Musterhaus Mannheim 159

Skapetze Lichtmacher

Of course, it is a common understanding that projects from different contexts cannot be just copied and pasted. It is important that the local climatic conditions, site surroundings, as well as bylaws, are taken into consideration before construction is initiated. But to say that certain architectural elements or concepts cannot be transferred is just a myth and should be overlooked.

10. Larger is better

This is the myth that most of us unknowingly fall far. Larger spaces are often considered desirable, it is true that larger spaces are convenient, but, a lot of times maintaining and cleaning larger spaces is far difficult. Also, one needs to take into account the actual family requirements, availability of nearby services and most importantly financial viability before opting for a house that is large in size.

Another important thing to consider is that a lot of it boils down to how the space is designed and planned. At times houses with larger footprints end up looking far smaller than houses having smaller footprints but with a better layout and interior design.

11. Houses are exactly as they look in the sales brochures

With the advancement in visual presentation techniques, it is very easy to create or capture images that look larger than their actual size. Hence, before you choose a property, it is strongly recommended that you also refer to the area statement provided by the developer to avoid any confusions later.

12: Bathroom with bedrooms leads to moisture

It is a myth, moisture and leakage problems can be easily solved by proper wall treatments and waterproofing techniques. The only thing you need to ensure is to appoint an expert architect and a contractor who can execute the job for you.

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