​A house with starry luminescence

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Designed by Atelier architects in Japan, this house is built in perfect geometric shapes and is situated in a close neighbourhood of Japan. The whole house is dressed in wood as the most dominant segment. The wooden flooring and wooden ceiling patterns engulf most of this house that is spread over two floors. While the kitchen is situated on the ground floor, the study and bedrooms occupy the first floor. The use of glass windows help to capture maximum sunlight possible that keeps the interiors well lit and bright at all times.

Spacious view

As you enter inside, you are welcomed by the mute interiors that make you feel ‘at home’ instantly. The kitchen holds one big chunk of the space that is also integrated with a minimal living room on one side. A stainless steel metallic working station with inbuilt sink and faucet along with a metallic countertop form one half of the kitchen that is supported by ivory white cabinets on the other side. This place overlooks the garage that comes with a cosy tree plantation in one corner.

Stellar exteriors

One look from the outside and you will feel that the house is nothing less than a stellar experience. The perfect symmetrical shape exudes a sense of direction and sensibility around the house. The garage is built in a small part f of the ground floor. This place is perfectly lit and looks bright even from the outside. The flooring of the garage laid out to minimise friction on the floor surface when the car moves in and out from the garage.

Mellowed elegance

The bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate from the entire day’s tensions and worries. This apartment has a corner bathroom built with minimalist touch and the utmost elegance. It is equipped with a slender bathtub that holds the centre stage alongside a shower area. The huge glass sliding doors give you an option to enjoy the natural beauty while you take a dip in the cosy and soothing water. The lights are kept mellow and dim to maintain the soothing decorum.

Natural wonder

The balcony or porch of this apartment is kept open from the top. This area is sky lit and captures maximum amount of natural light into the indoors. This zone is made according to the same industrial theme and majorly comprises of glass doors and windows and subtle pastel shades. Symmetric lighting is done to make the place enjoyable even during the night.

Bathed in natural light

The top floor of this house receives immense goodness from the sun in the form of sun rays that directly flood this area with natural light. The huge glass windows that run from floor-to-ceiling are responsible to keep this area warm and bright during daytime. It is indeed a charming space all year round.

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