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Kalina Residence, SwitchOver Studio SwitchOver Studio Modern living room
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Built in the financial capital of India; Mumbai, this house is a perfect combination of modernity and luxury. From the first instant itself, it leaves you amused with its sheer beauty and unmatched elegance. Designers at Switchover studio have done a tremendous job in bringing together a cosy place for a small family. The inclusion of bright colours here and there adds freshness and brightness to the house. Stay tuned, as we are ready to enter this holy abode.

Let there be light!

Further ahead, the living room is connected to the lovely exteriors by a sliding glass window that exposes you to the bustling streets of Mumbai. This balcony has been given a personalised and warm touch by the inclusion of side planters and vividly coloured mirrors on the wall. But what steals the entire show is the sky blue beach chair that beacons you to experience its comfort with an aided footrest. A fitting rug and mellow lighting further help you to enjoy a lovely evening with your loved ones.

Colourful seating

For the people who confuse minimal with scarce, this picture speaks a thousand words. The living room is designed using a conventional L-shaped sofa set that is lathered with a rich and comfortable fabric. This set-up is perfectly contrasted by the multi-coloured cushions that are handmade and hand painted. A subtle touch of rustic appeal is added by the washed wooden coffee table that rests proudly over the broadly coloured rug. A hidden touch of beauty is rendered by the white collectible that is delicately placed on the table.

Happy eating!

A family that eats together stays together. This phrase is brought to life by the huge dining table that is specifically constructed for the whole family to enjoy a meal together. Equipped with a platform, chairs and even a high chair, this dining table is just perfect for the whole family. The black and brown combination looks perfectly classy and imparts a profound English touch. The other feature that holds our attention is the sturdy wooden shelf that is placed to organise or chinaware in style. The ginormous painting on top adds a dash of glamour in the room.

Wonders of wood

As we go further ahead, we can witness the master bedroom that is finished with an impeccable finesse and a sturdy stance. The wooden cabinets in this room are worth a mention.  They stand tall against the sleek side table and king size bed. The cabinets are designed in a beautiful black and brown pattern that gives the feeling of flames of fire emerging from the ground. The horizontal strip of transparent black glass further adds to its uniqueness.

Kid’s delight

Another facet that adds cheer and freshness to this holy abode is the playful children’s room. The designers have paid much attention to this place specifically as the family was expecting their bundle of joy soon. A melange of colours has been added through colourful accents like the yellow chaise lounge, a toy hut and the vividly coloured rug. A cosy chair on one side provides a relaxing place for parents to they watch their kid grow up in extreme luxury.

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