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25 Fabulous looking wooden doors for your entrance

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One of the most important things that every house owner struggles to select is the main entrance door. To pull the complete look of your house together it is important to have a beautiful looking door which can only be achieved by browsing through numerous designs. 

To help you make this selection, here is the list of top 25 fabulous looking wooden doors for your entrance.

1. Wide wooden door

One of the most popular designs of all time includes this wide wooden door. The door has been made by combining a dual-leaf panel into one which gives it its grand look.

2. Natural wood door

Another great wooden door that can make your main entrance look amazing is this natural coloured door. The best part about this door is that it compliments any colour walls.

3. Dark colour door

You can also select this dark colour wooden door for highlighting your main entrance. These doors not only accentuate the natural tones of the word but they also go well with light colour surrounding walls.

4. Wood and tinted glass door

Combining two materials like wood and glass together can also give you a unique looking entrance door. The designer for this door has used tinted glass to enhance the beauty of the main door.

5. Designer wooden door

If you are looking to create your own customised wooden door then using such designs can be a great idea. These doors can be created by using wooden cutouts which can be attached to tinted or transparent glass to give it an amazing look.

6. Bright colour door

Another way to make your main entrance door stand out is by painting them with bright colours. By doing so you will be able to change the way your door looks every time you repaint.

7. Palet wood door

By joining vertical pallet wood panels together you can easily create a similar looking door in no time. These doors are not only beautiful but are made out of durable panels as well.

8. Embosed design door

You can easily find similar looking designer doors of your choice anywhere in the country. These doors can showcase almost any type of print which makes them very popular.

9. Three-fourth panel door

For those of you who love unique designs, this three-fourth panel door can be the perfect choice. These doors are made by using two panels out of which the sleeker one is permanently fixed.

10. Modern wooden door

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your entrance than using similar looking door is an excellent idea. These doors can be easily customised by placing the glass panels anywhere as per your desire.

11. White wooden door

If you wish to have a door that you can use with any type of decor then opting for such white wooden doors is highly recommended. The neutral colour of these doors make them blend well with any sort of surrounding or colour.

12. Wood and glass panels

By placing similar width wood and glass panels side by side you can achieve an amazing looking entrance door. The best part about these doors is that you can create them yourself without having to buy them premade.

13. Rustic Design

One of the easiest ways to make your door lock rustic is by adding thin strips of horizontal wooden bars. By placing these bars on equal intervals you can also customise the design yourself.

14. Half and half door

Another very popular design of all times is this half and half door. You can either use glass and wood together or replace the glass with any other material of your choice.

15. Sliding wooden door

If you are looking to save some space while designing your front door then using a sliding entry system can be a great choice. These doors are not only easy to use but they are also best for narrow spaces.

16. Dual-leaf door

For those of you who want to incorporate a huge entrance door in their house using a similar dual-leaf wooden door is advised. These doors can be the perfect choice if you have a grand walkway near your main entrance.

17. Arched wooden door

Using an arched wooden door for your main entrance can also be a great way to beautify the exteriors of your home. To enhance the look of the door further you can also put painted glass panels on either side like shown in the picture.

18. Creative design door

To create a design of your own, you can easily combine glass with wood by incorporating similar looking square pieces. You can create almost any kind of design in the world by using these materials.

19. Single-leaf door

If you do not want a big door for your main entrance then this light coloured single-leaf door can be the right way to go. These doors can also make your interiors look bright due to their light colour.

20. Vintage door

If you own a place that resembles a vintage building then adding metal pieces like this to your wooden door can also be a great way to transform the look. By placing metal bolts in straight lines you can incorporate the same vintage charm into your wooden doors as well.

21. Grand wooden door

By adding a metal grill on top of your wooden door you can achieve a grand look instantly. These iron mouldings can not only transform the look of your door but can also be used as a peephole.

22. Barrel wood design

By reusing wood from old furniture you can construct a similar looking door. The simplicity of this design makes it a good choice for entrance doors.

23. Regal wooden door

To achieve a regal looking exterior combining dark colour wooden door with white walls can also be a way to start. You can also add golden handles to uplift the entire design.

24. Carved wooden door

One of the most commonly used wooden doors in Indian homes is something similar. The carving done on these doors can give you the feel of an ancient Indian building.

25. Varnished wooden doors

To enhance the natural beauty of a wooden door using varnish is the right thing to consider. Varnished doors are popular as they need no additional painting and are also water resistant.

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