13 custom beds that can be recreated by a local carpenter

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Everyone likes comfortable and practical furniture that can give rest to the feet and body after long day at work. While beds are the first place that comes to mind when seeking rest, the sofa and armchair are not far behind in providing comfort. If you have ever been at a loss in making adequate sleeping arrangements for friends and relatives staying over during vacations then you would appreciate the need for sofa-cum-bed instead of a regular sofa and futon instead of an armchair.

The flexibility of modern furniture to carry out multiple responsibilities is a great advantage over traditional furniture as they can easily integrate into small and wide spaces depending on requirement. In this book of ideas we bring you designs of multi-tasking beds that carry out several functions besides providing a restful place to sleep. These beds are fitted with drawers on lower and lateral spaces providing very practical storage regions that are well worth the price. While some of these may already be available in the market you can also have a local carpenter build a customized design to suit space and requirement. 

1. Modern with pull out drawers

The traditional beds with drawers have twin pairs of drawers located on either side of double beds that usually require sizeable space on the sides to maneuver. This sometimes limits their functionality when placed in small bedrooms so our furniture designers have come up with a novel concept wherein the drawers are located in the front section so that it does not disrupt space for bedside tables or other furniture. Depending on personal taste and requirement you can customize the size of drawers on both beds with the help of a professional carpenter or use the one here that can be used for stocking clothes or shoes.

2. Trundle bed

This bed balanced with hinges and springs is another common design that has been in vogue as space saving furniture for several years. The hinge on this located on the side of wooden headboard allows the upper section of the bed to rise from the feet and has organizers inside the base. This design of bed is perfect for stocking winter clothing, extra sheets and pillows that otherwise take up all space in the closet that can be used for keeping clothes.

3. Bed in a niche

This well designed bed and attachments have been built as one large unit containing book racks and drawers into a corner of the room for maximum utilization of space. The lower section of the drawer acts as a step to move up to the bed while the book-rack covers the footrest region. This design is ideal for small bedrooms where space is limited and owners prefer to have all their creature comforts within easy reach.

4. On a high

This is one bed design that would be loved by kids and adults alike for its trendy style and layout that makes going to bed an adventure every night. The bed is built like a large square structure with a wide base that raises the level of the mattress and a bed-light built into the side. The lower section of the bed has a central shelf and several dividers that work like a mini library to hold several books and other reading materials. The mattress is rightly placed just below the windows bringing in fresh air and natural light into the room to the delight of its inhabitants.

5. Suspended against the wall

This option is similar to the previous one, but the space below the bed is a storage area for small boxes instead of being an open shelf organizer. The bed in this design has been built at a slightly higher level than the previous one so that the lower part would be free to store several objects below it. The height ensure that there is sufficient entrance of light under the bed

6. Wide chest of drawers

This bed has been built on a corner with a wide platform to accommodate a stand beside the mattress. The bed base has drawers on the sides and the mattress though large has sufficient space to walk along the side to pick-up objects on the side shelves built into the wall.  The drawers are placed precisely on the step that separates the two levels, which gives them breadth and depth.

7. Bunk beds for the kids

Kids love adventure and make believe games so why not turn their bedroom into a fun zone with bunk beds and mattresses that can be laid out on raised platforms of wood. When space is limited both studies and sleeping can be carried out in the same space by clever designing. While toys and books can be accommodated in the shelf pull out drawers below the mattress can be their private hiding place to stock secret objects. 

8. Colorful layout

A growing adolescent's bedroom should be a mix of modern design and comfort that gives him or her the confidence of bringing in friends for joint studies or casual discussions. Depending on the size of the room the bed and other furniture can be setup to ensure cozy conversations and late night movies. Usually sofa beds with pull out drawers and extensions are the best as they can be folded up when extra sleeping quarters are not required.

9. For book lovers

This is the ideal bed for book-lovers as they can read books at all hours of the day will all their favorite titles close at hand. Wide  base consisting of three sections spread along three sides of the bed allows easy organization of books, magazines and other texts, so there is almost a library around the bed. 

10. Balancing space

This bed was built to give the owner a bird's eye view of the room and make optimum use of available space in the region. The design requires serious measurement and planning by carpenter to ensure that all the storage spaces featured here are replicated in the final design. If you wondering let us tell you that the space below has a multi-functional closet with wide drawers and hangers inside them along with niche dressing table. The stairs to one side make climbing in and out of the bed an engaging exercise.

11. End of the wall

If the bedroom is just a space where only the bed fits, you must arrange in such a way that it can also become a storage area. The bed here is wide and tall enough to accommodate and organize boxes that can be easily taken out when required.

12. Bed and bath

This unusual bed design made entirely out of wood accommodates also a luxurious hot tub at the far end of the bedroom. Justthe perfect region to have a long relaxing bath and then glide into bed forblissful sleep.

13. Daring structure

The last in our list is a modern bed located in a sophisticated industrial style bedroom with stark but comfortable furniture. The bed has a workstation on a ledge just above it to save floor space that is reachable by platform staircase adjacent to the wall that serve as bedside tables. The best feature of this room is the entire structure comprising of rustic bed, staircase and workstation made of raw wood court which also has lights below the structure.

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