​A house with a sweet surprise

Boulangerie 粉桜 こだわりのパン工房とそのパンを焼くための活力を養う住まい, アトリエ24一級建築士事務所 アトリエ24一級建築士事務所 Modern houses
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How can you miss the sweet fragrance of freshly baked bread? It is indeed a feeling totally out-of-this-world. For home cooks who like to make and bake different kinds of bread, it is usually cumbersome to display their cooking creations in perfect order. So, to enlighten you with a home design that has an inbuilt bakery, we bring to you this house designed by professional architects in Japan that has best of both worlds; personal and professional. Sprawled over two floors, the ground floor of this house is converted into an operational bakery while the top floor is more of a personal relaxing joint. Let us take you on a tour of this highly functional property.

The simple exteriors

The exteriors of the place are kept pretty subtle pertaining to the industrial look. Wood and glass fixtures predominately forms the exteriors that are beautifully highlighted by small LED lamps, which are intricately and effectively placed at regular intervals to impart a uniform glow. This house looks a class apart amidst the green surroundings and quiet neighbourhood. It is just the perfect place to work and lounge.

Open air deck

To accentuate the bakery further, an open wooden deck is provided just outside the kitchen or serving area. This deck is built on the same wooden theme that has a sturdy wooden floor to impart a classy touch. A cosy seating arrangement that lets you enjoy food amidst the refreshing surroundings further embellishes this deck. The deck renders the façade a distinctive touch that makes it sturdy and adorable instance. The small fleet of white stone stairs lead you to the deck that further leads you to the bakery.

A warm seating area

The living room is extremely warm and comforting. This place is given an added touch of radiance by the capturing of the maximum amount of sunlight that keep this room warm even in cold winter months. The sliding wooden doors act as an informal demarcation between the living room and the bedroom. Overlooking the beautiful exteriors you get all the relaxation needed after a hard day at baking. A small bathroom and kitchen too form an important part of this studio like apartment. The wooden pergolas on the ceiling make a bright addition to the pale white walls.

A modern outlook

The other room on the top floor is the lounging room or the bedroom. This place has been carved in the most simplistic manner with plain white interiors that are supplemented by the pristine white cupboards that add an extra dash of brightness to the area. The lightly toned wooden flooring is strategically placed in an elongated fashion to render the place a spacious look. Enough space is provided for a built-in close that helps to keep the place neatly organised.

Some bread for you!

The ground floor is majorly the working station of the house. With the kitchen perfectly placed in one corner, the bread display highlights the other section of this perfectly cut place. This wooden ensemble is mainly construed of mute interiors and light wooden flooring that is perfectly contrasted by the dark wooden frames on doors and windows. The centrally placed island holds all the bread in a neat and organised manner. This place will surely get your appetite raised.

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Do you need any other inspiration for an in-home bakery? Let us know in the comments below.

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