10 modern kitchens with islands that inspire

Leigh Leigh
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There is nothing more exciting than current trends when it comes to interior design. Modern decor is simply stunning! 

One of the most exciting rooms to work with is the kitchen because the technology changes so often. There are so many practical and beautiful things you can do in this room! 

What's more is that when it comes to the kitchen, if you manage to utilize space, you'll have the most stylish room no matter what materials or colours you go for. 

Islands are one element that can really enhance a kitchen space and help create extra storage space as well as an extra surface area for cooking or preparing food. 

This is why today on homify, we are going to look at 10 kitchen spaces with 10 fabulous islands. They will inspire and delight, giving you some inspiration for your own kitchen space!

1. Large work area

The best thing about the kitchen is having a good work area where you don't need to constantly clean dishes and put things away in order to have space to cook or prepare food.

We all know how frustrating this can be!

Adding a kitchen island to the room can be very helpful. You can install a stove top on it, for example, giving you a whole separate area for cooking food. 

2. Small counters with storage

A kitchen island creates a whole new area for storing items neatly out of sight. If you like a very functional kitchen, then this is the option for you.

If your kitchen is quite small, then opt for a smaller kitchen island. Take advantage of it for storage too!

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3. With clear lighting

Lighting is very important for a functional kitchen. Why not do what professionals FABRI have done here, using artificial light to give life to the kitchen island?

With good lighting design, you can give a unique and different touch to your island. You'll have an unforgettable kitchen!

4. To infinity… and beyond

This fantastic minimalist island is incredibly functional, while also adding a gorgeous and simple touch to the kitchen space.

Use a kitchen island like this in a long kitchen, where you can use it for everything from storage to dining. It also provides more than enough surface space for cooking and preparing food.

The simple clean lines show less can truly be more.

5. Different areas

This kitchen creates two distinct spaces thanks to a long and narrow kitchen island. The result is a very sophisticated kitchen that is social and interactive. Family and friends can gather around while the chef whips up a meal!

Tip: Add comfortable chairs to your kitchen island for a functional effect.

6. Rustic air

It is well known how beautiful and charming wood can be in a kitchen, creating a warm and rustic environment. 

If you like this style, use your kitchen island to introduce it. In this image, we can see how the wooden surface, shelves and chairs create a beautiful and simple look and feel.

The wood also works so well with the pastel tones!

7. The stylish bar

Why not a kitchen bar?

In this image, we come across a kitchen bar with high bar stools. There is space underneath the kitchen bar, where the stools can be stored neatly too!

Don't you love the combination of white and blue?

8. With strong colours

In this design, we come across a very colourful and stylish kitchen! 

If you are a more daring person, then opt for a vibrant and bright colour like purple, red or green. Do you see how the chromatic composition makes for a very stylish look and feel?

Don't be afraid to highlight your kitchen island!

9. As an extension

This is one of the most fantastic kitchen islands that we have ever seen. 

The kitchen island flows into a dining room table, creating a multi-functional space. You can dine as well as have plenty of storage space!

10. Mix of aesthetic lines

For people who are fans of modern lines, then this kitchen island is for you!

When in doubt, opt for a simple, clean and practical look and feel.

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