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6 tips to take care of wooden flooring at home

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Have you been planning to have some unique, elegant and classy element added to your residence interiors lately? One of the great ways to add a rich aura and class to the interiors is using wooden flooring for your residence. Homify brings you everything you need to know about wooden floors, be it types of wooden flooring to consider, the maintenance, the Do’s and Don’ts, the treatments or the pricing. We also bring to you an easy manual to help you guide through each of these steps that will guarantee you a rich and elegant abode. This idea book focuses in detail about the different kinds of materials that can be used as options. It also highlights the correct treatment method that can be incorporated for enhancing your interiors as well as prolonging the life of your flooring. Let’s begin this idea book with the choice of materials.

Pay attention to maintenance

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style living room
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Lucky 4 Ranch

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Maintaining wooden floors directly means ensuring longer usage life of your floor without going for frequent treatments. The most important aspect of maintaining wooden floor is to ensure no impact of rain on your floor. Closing your doors and windows to prevent rainwater from coming in and to prevent that excess moisture from soaking in the wood is highly important. Another aspect that needs to be given special care is footwear; avoid using unsuitable footwear on your wooden floor. For instance removing the jogging shoes outside before stepping onto your wooden floor is a wise move. Similarly avoiding the use of pointed heels while walking on wooden floors is a good move. Minimising contact between your wooden floor and any kind of wet substance will definitely prolong the life of the wooden flooring of your humble abode.

Know the types of wood

When it comes to the types of wood flooring there are a variety of options available. Solid wood flooring might be available both as unfinished version which means the treatment is mandatory after installation, or as pre-finished version which implies factory-treated wood. Solid wood flooring could be stripped flooring, plank flooring or parquet flooring. Engineered Wood flooring has 3-4 layers of wood, which are adhered with plastic laminate veneer. The main difference between engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring is that the laminate flooring does not have real wood. Acrylic-impregnated wood flooring is mainly used in commercial buildings. This wooden flooring is much harder than the other options and is highly resistant to moisture and wear and tear.

Wrong things to do

Wooden floors are not at all similar to the traditional tile flooring or good old marble or stone-based flooring. Wood-based floors need that extra bit of care in order to ensure longer life while the wooden floors retain their graceful stance. Avoiding use of abrasives or hard cleansing agents to clean wooden floors. Even if you see an occasional stain on your precious wooden floor, avoiding the use of those strong cleansers is always a wiser move. Using heavy objects like casters, or metal wardrobes on wooden floors might create isolated pressure spots on the wooden floor which might be visible over time and might trigger increased frequency of maintenance of your wooden floor. Using water based mops or a steam mop on the wooden floors is again something to be avoided as much as possible. Wood absorbs water, and might eventually get swollen, which might trigger uneven wooden floor.

Designed by Creative Space, speciality contractors from Italy, the above living room is perfectly designed all the similarities with the wooden flooring. 

Right things to do

While we talk about the things to be avoided while you have a swanky and a classy wooden floor, there are some tips which, if followed, might allow you to enjoy longer durations of maintenance – free wood flooring while you flaunt your interiors. Wiping any kind of liquid spills off the wooden floor immediately would ensure longer life of seamless wooden flooring as the wood wouldn’t absorb any additional moisture which might cause swelling of wood at random places. Weekly vacuuming of the wooden flooring is always a great idea to ensure that the dust stays away and there are minimal tough stains to deal with. Using those long doormats for both inside and outside the doors is a great idea when you have a precious wooden floor inside. While cleaning the wooden floor using vacuuming and using wood-friendly stain removers is an option, there is nothing like avoiding dust and dirt to enter the residence in the first place. Using rugs in areas like living room which are used intensively in day to day activities will further help keep the wooden floor clean and might prevent any direct damage to your wooden floor. While these rugs might prove to be helpful, it should be ensured that they do not have a backing. Rugs with rubber backing might trap moisture between the rug and the floor that might swell the wood.

Types of treatments

When it comes to treatments of your brand new wooden flooring, there are a number of helpful tips. Almost all wooden floors need sealant application that highlights the natural beauty of the wood while ensuring that the pores in the wood are covered and cleaning is easier. The wax will indeed extend the life of the wooden floor. Periodic waxing of the wooden floor, followed by the buffing gives a rejuvenated wooden floor. This must also be followed by periodic removal of wax coatings to avoid layering of wax on the wooden floor. If you feel like going an extra step once in a while, then applying Button Polish before waxing the wooden floor is a good choice. This ensures added shine while covering all the pores and grains that might have developed in the wood over time. Oil has been an all-time wood finish protector and the same applies in case of wooden floors. There are different types of wooden floor oils available based on different types of wood and uses.


Pricing of the wooden flooring is a completely subjective and choice based aspect. While you choose engineered wood flooring, which has 3-4 layers of wood and is tough to install, the costs are bound to go higher than laminate wooden flooring or raw wood flooring. Another aspect is the type of treatments you might choose to go for when installing the wooden floor. An option might be to stop at just sealing the wooden floor with sealant, while another option might be to go for veneer coating, or polishing and waxing of your wooden floor. Depending on the type and quality of treatment and the labour involved in the application of the treatment, the overall pricing of your wooden floor might vary. For more pricing related information, talk to your floor fitter about the after sales service of every kind of wooden floor application. 

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