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​6 tips on how to update your façade

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A façade is pretty much responsible for creating that “first impression” in the minds of anyone visiting your residence for the very first time. And when it comes to Façade, it kind of symbolises the concept on which your whole residence is styled and designed. So keeping your Façade updated while you plan on renovating your residence is pretty essential as it summarises the aura of the whole residence, even before someone steps inside. Homify brings you some valuable tips and tricks on updating and revamping the façade of your residence to ensure your residence never feels outdated and aged. You can choose from a variety of options like planting greener pastures, colouring the facade in bright colours, wooden or stone displays or even a welcoming fountain will create a lasting impression in front of guests. So, without wasting much time, let’s educate you more on this otherwise overlooked area of the house.

1. Renovate the façade

Renovating need not always be introducing new elements in your façade. Nor would it always mean just fixing the existing elements of your façade. It might as well be a combination of both. Any of the existing elements like garden chairs or garden lights, which might be malfunctioning or broken, would definitely be on your checklist when it comes to renovating the façade. You might as well want to change the overall theme of the façade. It might involve adding a swimming pool, while using some space from the garden area, or it might be changing the exterior design which might involve changing the exterior wall designs, exterior lights, garden layout, and the boundary of the residence. Renovating would mean proper planning to ensure synchronization between the façade and the rest of the residence.

2. Choose the look and direction

The Façade is the first step to experiencing a residence. It might so happen that the direction of the entrance door is not in line with Vaastu compliance, or it might be that the main door is not wide enough and it feels cramped while getting in. There might be multiple entrances to the residence where the main one needs to be renovated or the main entrance might be needed to be swapped with the secondary entrance due to external environmental factors. All these instances might invoke the renovation of the appearance and direction of the façade. The main gate proving to be smaller and narrow just because you upgraded your car might trigger upgrading the gate of your residence or changing the entry point of your vehicle. Changing the location or direction of the entry points might bring along changes in the overall layout and setup of the façade.

Designed by Environ planners from Nasik, India the above design is of a beautiful facade inspired by nature and tradition. 

3. Modernise

It is rightly said that we need to move on with time. This applies perfectly to the façade of our residence as well. Ensuring that there are no out-of-time elements in your façade is important. Rejuvenate the façade by either just painting the exterior walls with a different shade or painting it with multiple shades. It might as well be changing the whole design of the walls by introducing stone-styled wall tiles with wooden inserts. Granite exterior walls would impart a completely different stance to your residence from the initial stone washed walls. Replacing the old wall lights with modern lamps to ensure the tone of light is in sync with the overall new tone of the façade is again important to tie up the whole façade design together. You might as well go with an entrance chandelier to highlight the entrance door or pathway.

4. Add elements

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A great façade of your residence can be made better when carefully chosen and well thought of elements are added to it. Adding wooden inserts to an otherwise bare and plain wall might be enough to add zing to that wall. Similarly, adding a traditional white fence to the boundary wall might add that missing piece of magic to your otherwise humble and simple façade. Adding a pathway with subtle lights on the sides might create a breathtaking experience for anyone walking in. Attention to detail is something, which might take your façade to a whole different level. For instance, adding artificial pebbles around the existing array of shrubs lined along the entrance of your residence while you also add indirect floor lighting focussing on the shrubs might be something your façade was missing all this time. 

If you like the concept of wooden exteriors, here's an ideabook that will render some of the best ideas to use wood in the facade or the exteriors : The wooden house 

5. Remove elements

Unless extremely essential, there are always things which we could avoid putting in the otherwise sober and smart façade of our residence. For instance, if we do not need the window grills, which were installed when the kids were small, it is always better to remove the extra window grills and to let the original elegance of the house exteriors come out again. It has to be ensured that stuff like ladders, gardening tools, etc. are all stored nice and safe in the garage and are not lying around in the façade. Another aspect when it comes to keeping the façade simple and clean is to remove elements to reduce clutter. At times too many elements, though each might have great significance, might not mingle with each other and end up creating a cramped façade. In that case it is always advisable to remove those extra elements and restore the elegance of a well-kept façade.

6. Landscaping can make all the difference

A Façade will never be just a façade if we include some green elements to it. Lush green palms and bonsais in those classy and elegant potters will not just make the façade of your residence a step closer to nature, but will also give a great natural contrast to the tone of façade. Be it pastel tone or wooden brown tone or be it stone-based façade, lush green landscaping always gives a fresh contrast. You could have carefully and tastefully chosen grafted Adenium bonsais to boast of the elegant taste. An array of green varied plants in symmetric planters always helps you sing a welcome song in chorus for any visitor. If space is the least of your worries, then another evergreen option of simple and elegant way to landscape your façade is to have a bed of lush green grass. Nothing beats the carpet of grass when it comes to giving that extra bit of cosiness to the exteriors of your residence.

Did this ideabook inspire you about the façade design? Let us know in the comments below.
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