15 beautiful ideas of wooden cabinets for bedrooms

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Bedrooms, this is the most private space of our house. Obviously guests are not welcome here. We decorate it just for us. The decor and furniture here is just for us to see and use. It is not just the bed; cabinets too are an indispensable piece of furniture of bedrooms. We Indians love and prefer wooden furniture. Isn’t it?

Once upon a time… wooden cabinets were just a storage unit. But not anymore!  Professionals have changed the look of the wooden cabinets. Now it has become a decorative piece of furniture which we use as a storage unit. Polish the woods or decorate it with Formica, there are lots to do that can change the simple wooden cabinets into an amazing piece of furniture. In this idea book, we have brought 15 beautiful pictures of wooden cabinets for your bedroom. We are sure it will inspire you enough to change the look of your cabinets.

​Divided by color and texture, united by style

A wall to wall wooden cabinet has been stylishly designed in different shade of color and texture of the wood. It has got ample storing space. The cabinet that opens near the bed has sliding doors. How thoughtful!

Graphic art on the door

The graphic art work on the cabinet doors has made this simple cabinet a piece of art. You don’t need any wall decoration with this cabinet adorning the room.

​Cabinet… or design on the wall

It merges with the decor of the room so much that it looks like a beautiful design on the wall. This creatively built cabinet is enhancing the beauty of the room.

​Wood and the art work for the young generation

The entire concept of the room is amazing and the cabinets play an important role in achieving it. The bed, the headboard, the beautiful art work on the wall and the cabinet doors; it could be conceptualized and done so perfectly only in wood.

​For the prince and princess

Your kids will love it! Their favorite fairytale characters painted on the cabinets will be a beautiful memory that will remain with them forever.

​Optimal use of the space

This is a fine example of space utilization. There is space for everything; clothes, television, decorative pieces and a wall to wall loft to store all your stuffs that you don’t use regularly.

​Wooden decorative boxes

The wooden box-shaped cabinet above the head board looks interesting but it is not sufficient for storage. For that you can build a beautiful cabinet in classic combination of white and wood. It is beautiful!

​Soothing color of the Formica

The color of the Formica is very soothing here. The door handles are different and goes with the playful theme of the room.

​Calm and serene

It’s pure, it’s cool, it’s calm, and it’s serene! Wood with a touch of white can never go wrong. I like the idea of having a small cabinet with drawers in the corner.

​Sliding doors for a small room

If your room is small, design the cabinets with sliding doors to save space. The floor to ceiling cabinets will have sufficient storage. So, don’t worry!

​Cabinets with hidden handle

The cabinet with hidden handles looks neat and clean. Cut-out shelves in the middle are functional. Go for this modern design!

Popping up with color

The popping color of the cabinets immediately grabs the attention. The sliding doors save on the space. It is eye-catching attractive!

​Three way cabinets

Create a dressing area by the cabinets instead of erecting the walls. Close cupboards, shelves, drawers, hangers and even a large mirror, it has got everything for storing and grooming.

​Mahogany color of the wood

Wooden cabinets looks best in its natural texture and color. Keep it simple, natural and clean. Your room will look beautiful!

​Walk-in cabinets

It’s a dream… to have a walk-in cabinet. Isn’t it? If you are lucky to have a large bedroom, then take a clue from here and make a walk-in cabinet for yourself. Show your creativity and hide your cabinets behind a beautiful door for double protection. In India, we need it.

Which contemporary wooden cabinets did you like the best? Please let us know your views in the comments below.

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