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10 simple yet effective tips for a cleaner home

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Not everyone is disciplined when it comes to keeping their homes orderly, clean and organised. Whereas, I am in fact obsessed with the need to see everything in its place, but I’m aware that there are a few people who find it hard to get their homes sorted.

Finding a nice, tidy and clean home is something everyone would love, but not a task that everyone would want to take up. We accumulate clutter over time and are left with mountains that need to be cleared up.

Today, let me help you deal with the hassle of tidying up your home with tips so your home can look impeccable all the time, with a little effort every day.

1. Clean as you cook

The secret to a clean kitchen in no time is to clean your kitchen s you cook. Let the curry boil and meanwhile you could wash a couple of dishes! Avoid postponing little tasks in the kitchen for later when you can finish them while you cook!

2. Review the order of the room

During the night before you got to bed, gather everything you have been tossing around during the day, like books, cushions and dishes and put them in their place. It will take less than 5 minutes to restore order to your home.

3. Be ready for the coming day

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This follows the previous point, when you are in a hurry in the morning to get to work and send your kids off to school, you hardly have time to clean behind you. So, put everything in order the previous night for a peaceful morning.

4. Make a quick room check

Go room by room to see if everything is in its rightful place. Avoid unnecessary pile up of things off by running a quick check through all the rooms of your home. If you have too many things, then you can get one of these beds that have storage space.

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5. Do not forget to keep the desktop clean

If you have a home office, then it will be disastrous to have a desk piled with unnecessary things. Make it a habit to clean up before you got to bed and life can be easier!

6. Ready your work wear the previous night

This tip will not just tidy up your home, but it will also improve your work life. Pick the clothes you want to wear the next day and lay them out so you can get to work on time looking fab!

7. Do not leave clothes all over the house

Do not leave clothes all over the house – it is very simple. Put the dirty clothes in the laundry bag and the rest in the closet. Your sofa and other furniture are not for your clothes.

8. Always make notes

The one thing that successful people swear by – taking notes. Write what you need in a piece of paper and always refer to it before you leave the next day.

9. Organise your closet better

The secret to keep your cabinets tidy for longer is to organise. Avoid leaving your clothes outside of this space because later you will only end up messing your home up further.

10. Keep and work away from the room

Keep technology and work out of your bedroom. Keeping gadgets and work-related stuff in your bedroom can interrupt your sleep. Stay organised and get good rest too!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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