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15 pictures of cupboards and wardrobes in Indian homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Including enough storage space in your home is a crucial part of designing. To have a cupboard that not only looks beautiful but is also spacious is something that can take a lot of planning and research. 

For those of you who are looking for inspirational design ideas of wardrobes and cupboards here are 15 pictures that you can use as reference.

1. Modern wardrobes

If you are looking to incorporate a modern looking wardrobe in your bedroom then adding mirrors like these can be a great way to start. The best part about these mirrors is that they help reflect light to every corner of the room making it bright.

2. Corner wardrobes

Smal Bedroom Design (TV &  WARDROBE VIEW) :   by Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Smal Bedroom Design (TV & WARDROBE VIEW)

Creazione Interiors

If there are numerous corners and angles in your bedroom then designing a similar looking corner wardrobe can be an excellent idea. This wardrobe is the best way to use every inch of floor space available in your room.

3. Glass wardrobes

Another great way to design your wardrobe is by adding tinted glass panels as doors. These panels not only look amazing but are also lightweight which makes them a much loved option.

4. Plywood cupboard

If you are looking for a cheap alternative for designing your wardrobe then using plywood can be a thing to consider, You can easily find numerous designs in similar looking plywoods which can be laminated onto the cupboard itself.

5. Sliding-door cupboard

One of the best space saving wardrobes of all time is this sliding door cupboard. Not only are these cupboards easy to use but they also look very modern which keeps them in style always.

6. Angular wardrobe

modern Bedroom by de-cube

Attic Shot


If the ceiling of your room is tilted at an angle then creating a similar looking cupboard is something that you must consider. The designer for this bedroom has also placed the cupboard between the bed and the study using it as a facade to divide both the areas.

7. Walk-in wardrobe

modern Dressing room by Lamco Design LTD
Lamco Design LTD

White walk in wardrobe

Lamco Design LTD

If you have a spacious room that you want to convert into a storage then this walk-in wardrobe is the perfect option for you. Not only does this wardrobe look grand but it is also a more systematic way of organising your belongings.

8. Floor cupboard

Ground floor Master bedroom wardrobe: modern Bedroom by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

Ground floor Master bedroom wardrobe

Hasta architects

Using the additional space available on the floor to extend your cupboard is the right way to go. By doing so you will have additional space for storing things like footwear and bags.

9. Ceiling cabinets

asian Bedroom by homify

Bedroom wardrobe design with dresser


By extending the cupboard towards the ceiling you can cover every inch of the vertical space available which can be a huge bonus for a small house. These spaces can be used to store items that are rarely used like travel bags for example.

10. Bedside cupboards

If you have a small bedroom and are looking to build storage space into it, than these bedside cupboards can be an excellent idea. You can also install additional shelves on top of the cupboard for storing decoration pieces.

11.Kitchen cupboard

kitchens being one of the most used rooms in any Indian home’s always need proper storage. By building a sleek looking cupboard like this you will be able to maximize your kitchen space without blocking much floor area.

12. Rustic cupboard

If you are looking to achieve a traditional look for your bedroom than building such elongated wardrobes is the right way to go. You can also add brass handles to these cupboards enhance their beauty.

13. Wall to wall cupboard

For rooms that need maximum amount of storage space constructing a wall to wall cupboard is something worth a shot. You might think that these cupboards will take a lot of space but by reducing the depth you can not only save space but also make the entire section look beautiful.

14. Coat closet

If you require more hanging space than shelves then this sleek looking set of closets is the perfect choice for you. These coat closets can fit in any part of the room and you can make them look great by painting them in darker colours.

15. Kids cupboard

One of the best ways to create a kids cupboard is by adding pictures of animated characters on the doors. You can also paint the wardrobe in bright colours to make it look more attractive.

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Which one of these ideas inspired you the most?
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