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Today we will take a look at a charming home with bursts of colour, a warm welcoming ambiance, and sleek funky rhythms. The house is designed by Al Imaraa, interior designers and decorators in Hyderabad. Indian taste buds will probably be very pleased with what they see here. 

In this tour, we will feature the colorful living room, the striking entrance, the chic dining area, sleek TV area, modern bedroom, funky bedroom, and finally the arty kitchen. We hope you will be inspired by this tour of a charming home in Hyderabad. 

A colorful living room

A colourful living room makes a bright, cheery appearance and mood in this picture. The accent wall and ceiling bursting with colour energizes the space with a joyous calm. With sunny yellows, refreshing greens, and hints of blue, who wouldn't feel like the colours of the rainbow? 

The shapes and the lines you can see here are all straight and boxed referring to the current affairs in interior design trends, and expressing it vibrantly with style. 

A striking entrance

A striking entrance greets us with all its charm, embracing us in a warm welcome with its statement ceiling, wooden door, stained glass windows, and stone wall. With a first impression like this who wouldn't be awe struck? 

Browse through door designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. Next, let's take a look at the rest of this beautiful home, and be inspired by its charm. 

Chic dining area

The highlight of this dining area is definitely the fake ceiling with the center lighted up in a dreamy bluish purplish glow. We can see here that the dining area has a sliding partition door which separates it from the living room. This can actually make the apartment look bigger and create more privacy as well. 

Here we also see an abundant use of paintings and artwork with extra attention brought to them here with the spotlights above that cause the paintings to radiate. 

Sleek TV area

The TV area is dressed to impress with its elegant wall unit and background. The furniture used is sleek and modern, matching to the ambiance of the room. At first glance, the TV area has a futuristic look to it don't you think? 

At second glance, this TV room has plenty of storage space with large cupboards built-in, so it's design is also progressive functionally. 

Modern bedroom

A modern bedroom in grey with simple, trim furnishings, and a burst of color courtesy of the modern artwork lighting up the dark walls. An abstract art piece on the other side of the room or the white part of the room adds a dark contrast to a bright wall instead. So, the room has a balanced yin and yang effect, and is also seemingly divided into two parts with this effect. 

Funky bedroom

Say yo to this funky bedroom in yellow and pink. It's for the hipster in you, it's for the funk in your soul, and the jazz in your mood. This bedroom will lift your spirits and make sure the blues go away. Other than color, this room is rich in texture too. The accent wall has different textures and layers, creating an interesting visual effect. 

Art in the kitchen

The kitchen is often neglected when it comes to art, but there's a modern trend emerging to make spaces like the kitchen an integral part of home by making it look like any other living space with artwork and decorations. 

Pictured here, we see a large colorful painting of a tree taking up half of one of the kitchen walls, which is even more rare. Many kitchens have wall tiles, and in this case you can still decorate using wall tile stickers. 

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this charming home. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at a colored home of glass and wood

What did you like most about this home? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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