12 Floral vinyls to decorate the walls of your house

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The innovations in the field of vinyl with digital technology have achieved spectacular results that are visible in residential and commercial buildings. Attractive designs and layouts available in vinyl are used on varied surfaces as it is sold with easy to apply adhesives. Every part of the house can be converted from dull to colorful and charming or from classic to a more eclectic design with the help of vinyl designs on walls and furniture surfaces. 

In this ideabook we shall be looking at various floral designs that are available in vinyl prints that can be used as wall papers and stickers to add patterns and designs to walls. As several of these options are in 3D owners can enjoy sensation of movement in the designs.

1. Stenciled flower patterns

While some vinyl prints are pasted on smooth surfaces like decals and wallpaper, someof them are painted on using stenciled designs like here. This type of detailis painted on as standalone patterns on walls like here to create a focus areaaround the television in this modern living room.

2. Customised vinyl stickers

When customized designs are required in specific designs and colors to enhance the look of furniture or general layout of the room then the same can be easily created. The inspiring image that is part of the background was specifically designed for the customer as they wanted to keep the region free of clutter with something to match the abstract art on the ceiling. Simple floral design of the vinyl wallpaper adds to the glory of this minimalist living room by complimenting the jewel toned cushions.

3. For a thematic decoration

If you are following a particular color and pattern theme then it can be carried forward by getting vinyl stickers in the same theme like this. The colorful stickers of flowers on the wall and table are in sync with the flower patterns on white curtain and general color theme of the room where focus is on solid prints on neutral background. Artistic touch given to the living room by the use of these vinyl prints shows that clever application of wall decals can bring zing and life to plain region which lacks space for extra decor.

4. Seleting the right prints and patterns

The advantage with vinyl prints is that they are available with adhesives that are easy to stick on any kind of surface. There the plain wood base of the corridor needed something innovative and the elegant wallpaper met the demand. Slender black vines with little green leaves sprouting on them bring a sophisticated touch to this region which would otherwise have been dull and boring.

5. Shadow on the wall

The beauty of vinyl is in its designs and in the quality of the print as only the most perfect pictures can have 3D effects which makes a static picture look like the real thing. The white to gray tones of the tree design that looks as close to a real tree as possible could be part of a minimalist living room wall.

6. Motifs on the wall

Trendy floral motifs on the wallpaper serve as a worthy backdrop to the textured wall set up for the television. Designs like these may be simple but they add color and style to the room specifically as it is decorated with fresh flowers.

7. Glamorous backdrop

Here is another glamorous wall design that makes a startling addition to the living room with its golden hue.

8. Partnership of vinyl and curtains

The focal point of living rooms is usually centeredaround  the television so displaycabinets and wall décor is arranged in this area by default. The vinyl wallpaper here with stencil style designs has almost the same color and prints asthe wispy curtains on the windows making a stylish partnership. The combination of recessed and focused lighting arrangement bring glamor of this trendy living room.

9. Classic background

To give a classic air to a lavish environment like this with grand staircase connecting two levels nothing but the best would do, so the decorators dressed the region with wallpaper rosettes. The wall paper design suits the area as it is decorated with wood and houseplants to create the right impact.

10. Unique motif

This form of wallpaper motif with imprints of leaves and flowers is referred to as Adam’s Rib in decorators’ parlance. With soft neutral toned imprints set against white background this wallpaper brings esthetic elegance to every section of the house it is used on as it enhances attractiveness of objects in the foreground.

11. 3D vinyl trees

The wall print here has been highlighted here with spot lighting to showcase the beauty of vinyl in third dimension. Environment of this living room also directly contributes to enhancement of this wall decor with neutral walls and light toned furniture that magnify the charm of trees. In the design canvas the twin trees facing each other represent the cheerful spirit of autumn with falling leaves and partly bare branches. The focused accent lights on the trees create visual sensation of birds flying and leaves falling gently on the ground. 

12. Create a mural background

The transparent glass mural that has been set up near the television to create a statement wall has a tasteful tapestry style background of beige and brown. This niche region created with vinyl wallpaper is for reflecting the glow around the niche when the mural back-lights are lit.

Now that you have seen artistic elegance of vinyl in home decoration let us now show you how to Use stained glass in home decor.

Which vinyl print decor did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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