15 ideas to illuminate the walls of your home

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To illuminate means to light up the area to make it lucid or clear. Illuminating an area is to be taken seriously as it changes the entire environment. Lighting is not just putting a bulb in a socket. When illuminating an area we must consider its shape, size and the element that composes it. What to hide and what to focus, lights plays an important role in the décor of a home.

In this idea book, our focus is to enhance the beauty of our home by illuminating the walls. Walls, it is the basic structure of any house. But the entire décor of the house depends on it. We tend to design our house considering the walls. Isn’t it so? Let’s get some ideas from these 15 images and illuminate the walls of your home. It will change the look of your home and make your evening special.

​Have clarity about what you want to illuminate

Half of your job is done if you have the clarity about what you want to highlight. In this image our focus is to highlight the textured wall and the beautiful painting hanging on it. Even the hanging lamps are creating a beautiful reflection on the walls.

​The warmth of yellow light

The glows from yellow lights are warm, calm, romantic and intimate. Try it in the private spaces of your home and feel the difference.

​Mysterious source of light

It’s a beautiful way to illuminate the wall. Lights emancipating from a hidden source is looking mysterious and appealing.

​Textured lighting

If you have a beautiful textured wall, use the light source to highlight this aspect of the wall. It will create a drama on the wall.

​Alternate lighting source

Alternate the light source for a richer, brighter and interesting effect on the whole space. Here the light from the chandelier and from the recesses of the wall is creating a harmony in the space.

​Lighting the niches

If you have wall shelves or niches on the walls, use a light source to highlight each niche and the artefacts kept there.

​Artistically simple lamps

Choosing the right lamps that goes well with the interior of your house is very important. Artistically designed simple lamps will surely raise curiosity. Be ready for admiration.

​Highlight to unravel the beauty

Sometimes highlighting can make a simple thing look special. However, some extra brightness is always welcome.

​Frame it right

Can you capture the light and stop it from spreading? No! But you can frame it and give a direction to it to make your wall look amazing.

​Let the lights brighten up the space

Play with the lights in a space, somewhere keep it dim and somewhere make it bright. The contrasting lights will create a magic.

​Illuminating the floor

It will create a dramatic effect, especially if it is the stone walls. This type of lighting will be subdued, but will make intense shadows.

​Illuminating and highlighting the furniture

Place a few lights to illuminate your favorite piece of furniture. But arrange it so that indirectly the beautiful wall behind it gets highlighted.

​Shining little tiny lamps

It is usually believed that little lamps are just a decoration piece. But if placed aesthetically, it is enough to lift up your mood. Apart from this, it is versatile and consumes less power.

​Illuminating it indirectly

Till now we have tried direct lighting. Now try to illuminate the wall indirectly. It looks sensational.

​Extremely direct illumination

Lights coming from direct sources without any disguise or hiding can brighten the walls and make your evening romantic. Try it to believe it!

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Which lighting idea will you adopt for your home? Please leave your comments.

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