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6 Tips for choosing the perfect painting for your living room

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The living room is a place where we converse with and entertain our guests. As such, the ambience of the living room should be welcoming, relaxing and full of warmth. The look and feel of the freshly painted walls of a living room can be enhanced by stunning and elegant paintings. However, just buying a beautiful painting and hanging it on the wall is not enough. Choosing the perfect painting as a wall decor to complement the style, theme and colour, can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living room. A lot of thinking goes into making sure that the painting is well harmonized with the interior of the living room. Moreover, a painting is like a mirror to the soul. Our taste, character and story are illustrated by the painting we choose for our home. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect painting for a living room.

Style and Theme

It is only sensible to select a painting that matches with the style and theme of the living room. For instance, if a living room has a vintage look with antique décor, choosing a heritage painting or painting with traditional style will be wise. For an ethnically styled living room, ethnic theme based paintings like Mughal Love and Court Paintings and Radha Krishna Paintings are well suited. For a room with contemporary furniture, abstract and surreal paintings would make more sense. A painting with realistic theme will look great in a minimalistic room. Before buying a painting for a living room, it is important to keep the style and theme of the living room interior in mind, to ensure that the painting does not look out of place.

Harmonizing the Colours of the Room

Selecting a painting that harmonizes with the colours of the living room is essential. The living room is a space of the home, which needs to be painted in warmer tones and welcoming colours. The painting, as a wall decor should also blend well with the tones of the wall colours of the living room. A painting with deeper and bolder colours will look more inviting and attractive in a living room. However, it should match the colour scheme of the living room for enhancing the aesthetic appeal. For a room living with a neutral colour scheme, choosing a painting with bright and vivid colours will add to the welcoming look. This also goes with living rooms with minimalistic style.


The frame serves the purpose of making sure that the attention of the viewer is focused on the painting. For some paintings, like gallery wrapped paintings, it is not necessary to frame them. For other paintings that need to be framed, it is of vital importance to ensure that the frame blends well with the painting as well as the furniture of the living room. For a painting with traditional or historical theme, a golden or elegant wooden frame will be best suited. Surreal and abstract paintings look great in light and sleek frames. However, there is no rulebook for choosing the right frame for the painting in the living room. Often, experimenting with different styles and letting our intuition guide us, leads us to find that perfect piece for the living room.

Space Optimization

Choosing a painting with right size is a bit of a work. For proper space optimization, the painting should match the size of the wall. It is imperative to decide beforehand, that at which wall of the living room, the painting will look best. Having a good look around the living room and measuring the space before buying a painting is essential. Having an oversized painting will look odd in the living room. Also, hanging a painting at each wall of the living room or cramming a single wall with a number of paintings is not necessary. If there is a vertical wall with narrow space, at the entryway of the living room, the space can be filled with a slender and vertical painting. For stretched horizontal wall, the space can be filled with a single horizontal painting or a number of paintings kept apart at an optimum distance.

Visual Balance

Achieving the visual balance in a living room is not only desirable, it is a necessity. Without the visual balance, any living room will feel uncomfortable and lopsided to the viewers. The painting, as a wall decor should have the right scale and fit to ensure that the visual balance of the room is maintained. A painting which has repeating colours with the walls or upholstery of the living room will give a more visually balanced look to the room. The placement of the painting is equally important. A large size painting on one wall will not only encourage the visual balance of the room, it will also give a focal point to the living room, so that other furnishing can be arranged around it.

Interior Lighting

To ensure that the painting in a living room draws attention of the visitors, the existing lighting of the living room can be arranged in such a way that the painting is illuminated. New lighting spots can also be added to highlight the painting. However, there are a few considerations that should be taken into account before changing the interior lighting of the living room to focus on the painting. In an oil painting, an intense spotlight will create uninviting shadows. A broader lighting will better illuminate an oil painting. Reflection and glare also creates a lot of problem while trying to light up a painting. This can be solved by using nonreflecting glass frame, ensuring that the picture is not placed directly opposite to a wide window from where bright sunlight is coming and placing the interior lights properly.

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