16 ways to incorporate stone in your home!

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Be ready for now we are going to take you on an amazing journey through the rooms beautified by stone.

Here, we have collected designs of rooms that have quite a good share of stone covering their walls in the form of pillars, furniture or as a mere decorative piece.

Let’s start with examples that are not just beautiful, but are also functional in a way that everyone will love.

1. On the main wall of your room

In every room, there is always a hero wall that becomes the centre of attraction and adds a unique flavour to the room. If you already have that wall placed in your home, then you could beautify it with a flat tile, stone one side and with rough ones on the other. You wall gets a more and stylish look to it.

2. Add to the flavour of your room

If you would like to incorporate stones in your home to add a  flavour to your room, but if the walls in your home are perfect already, then install a stone décor in the middle of the space you are looking to decorate as a division.

3. Stone everywhere

Now that you want to make use of your passion for the texture of stone in your home, try the embedding technique wherein stones are embedded into the walls to create a look solid grace.

4. Stones are modern too!

Stones were once considered as props for creating a rustic look. But, that is not the case anymore. Look at the stones covering the back of this wall, don’t they have modernistic touch to them?

5. Break the monotony

Introduce small but impactful stones in your wall décor and in the rooms. It is not a bad idea after all as it helps break the monotony of the room décor.

6. Make use of their durability

Stones are known for their strength and durability. So install stones that take a beating in your room, for instance the fireplace in your room could do well with stones.

7. Use them outdoors

Stones on these types of walls are great as they don’t wear out to the constant exposure to the outside environment and they look beautiful too!

8. Let the textures be

The most important feature of stones is their texture. It is meaningless to smoothen out stones for an even finish as their rough texture makes them the unique décor that they are.

9. Let the whole room be surrounded by stone

Is your plan is to highlight your room so that your visitors see it first? Then surround the room or the centrepiece by stones and tone out the accessories in the rest of the room. This way you can draw attention to what you want.

10. Mix and match

Mixing and matching stones of various sizes are another sure shot way to make an impact. Combining small and large stones is all in!

11. Does the wall count as a stone?

Yes, walls do play an important role as they share their space with stone decors. The only difference is maybe the wall is smoothened over, but the stones have their unique texture.

You can hire an architect to attain the look that you desire.

12. Use stones to create a partition

Use walls made purely of stone to create a partition that will dazzle. This is also a good way to create walls easy and fast.

13. Do not forget the rustic past of the stones

Although stones are all about modernity and minimalism, we must not forget that the essence of stones is their rusticity. Use it to your advantage to stand out!

14. Take advantage of large pieces!

The bigger the pieces of stone you choose, the easier it is to cover the part of the room you want, The bigger the piece of stone you choose, the easier it is to cover your rooms especially if they have wide walls.

15. Exploit their earthy hues

Stones in addition to being one of the favourite materials in architecture, is also one of the best elements you can use to create earthy tones. So if you are a fan of earthen colours, then stones are you best friends.

16. The slim one here is a good ally

When stones are only used as agents to cover up space, then it better be fast and easy to place!

For this reason, we suggest that you buy stone pieces that are very thin and smooth on one side.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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