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12 pictures of backlights in different rooms

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One of the easiest ways to make your house look beautiful is by adding great light fixtures. There are many types of lights and panels available that can transform your entire room but one of the best out of them all is LED backlights which also give your room a modern touch.

To give you an idea of how to use back lights in different rooms here are 12 pictures that you can use to get inspired

1. Ceiling backlights

If you are looking to transform your bedroom then using ceiling backlights similar to these can be an excellent choice. These backlight strips can be placed throughout the room and can be customized to change colours as well.

2. LED strip

Another great way to transform your bedroom into something beautiful is by adding a single long strip of LED lights on one side of the room. This is the best way to highlight the entire ceiling and the opposite wall.

3. Highlighting strip

If you too have a focal wall in your bathroom then highlighting it with such LED panels is highly recommended. The designer of this bathroom has used yellow coloured LED strips to illuminate the natural looking stonewall which also makes the design popup.

4. Wall backlights

For bathrooms that do not have embossed focal walls using backlights on all three sides of the wall can also be a great way to transform the room. Using thin strips of LED lights of different colours will add a unique touch to your bathroom.

5. Cabinet backlights

We all wonder how to use backlights in kitchens and the best way to do this is by placing them under cabinets. For wall mounted cabinet like these using LED backlights as counter lights is also a great alternative.

6. Floor LED strip

Backlights are the perfect way to highlight a particular area and that goes for floor as well. By adding a single strip LED light to your floor corners you will be able to achieve a great look and also will be able to use them as guiding lights at night.

7. Dividing backlights

Another great use of backlights can be to divide a room. For sectioning off two different areas in your living space you can use a thick strip of LED lights right between the areas. This is the best way to seprate the areas without using a wall

8. False ceiling backlights

For those of us who have designer false ceilings in their homes using backlights two highlight features of the ceiling is a must. These lights go well with plaster work on the ceilings.

9. Focus backlights

Backlights can also be used as focused lights in any room of your house. If you are using them on the ceiling like shown in this picture, then the object placed directly below the light will automatically be into focus

10. Designer glass backlight

If you're looking for something different in terms of lighting options than using similar looking designer glass backlights is also an option to consider. These panels can be customized as per your choice and can be as big as you want.

11. Artistic backlights

Creating a unique look using backlights is also easy. You can simply combine false ceilings like these with strips of LED light to make your room look spacious and grand.

12. Mood backlights

Another great use of these backlights is as mood lighting. By placing them in a large room you can transform the entire mood of the place with a single switch.

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