11 great ideas for a kitchen island

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The kitchen island is an auxiliary that has proven to serve multiple functions. Although kitchen islands are mostly ideal for large kitchens with a good central space, this article we will give you 11 photos of not so large kitchens where kitchen islands have been integrated well so you can visualize how they will be in your kitchen. 

In addition to being a perfect space to help prepare food, the kitchen island can include storage space, a sink or burners, as well as a space for informal meals or breakfasts. As you can see, it is a multipurpose piece of furniture and when you have it you will see how it can help make your daily kitchen work a bit easier. What are you waiting? Check out these 11 photos and their comments!

1. A kitchen island as a dining table

If the family is not big, a kitchen island can be used as a dining table. Everything will depend on how the family handles the work of cooking and serving food.

2. A modern touch

This kitchen island has a white table top with a striped grey bottom and is contrasted with striking red bar chairs which match the wall behind the stove area and oven.

The kitchen island has always been used in one way or another, but as a concept it has become popular in almost all modern kitchen designs, using the space for informal meals or for some guest to sit down and chat with the cook. 

3. Kitchen island with stove and extractor hood

As you can see, this kitchen island has been installed with a stove and an extractor hood that prevents bad odors. In this kitchen island design, the colour white is harmoniously combined with steel by suiting the island with modern white chairs with steel bases.

4. Kitchen island that looks like a bar

Pictured here we see a rather small kitchen island that looks like a bar. It has a small sink and is accompanied by rustic wooden benches. The unique kitchen island counter top is a mix of marble and concrete work, an exceptional combination of materials and styles. It's easy to imagine having a good time here isn't it? 

5. The island as the most important piece of the kitchen

If you're the kind that likes distributing duties to prepare food with your family, this kitchen island is what you need, with all that extra kitchen work space. The kitchen island also includes stove burners with its extractor hood and storage to store kitchen accessories, in addition to having plenty of space for the preparation of food and a seating area to sit down to eat. It is an entire island with multiple functions. 

6. A good sized island

The base that supports this kitchen island is actually quite small, but the top protrudes, making it perfect for small kitchens. This unique kitchen island counter top is retractable and can be pulled out only when needed, so it does not take up much space normally. 

7. Accessories always by hand

If you have stove burners on the kitchen island together with your extractor hood, you can have some of the cutlery on the stove ready for cooking so you will always have them handy and it saves space too. 

8. The choice of coating materials will always be important

The kitchen island should not be a strange entity inside  the kitchen , it is meant to be part of the design and its materials should be in line with the rest of the coatings and materials used in the room. You can always turn to an interior architect or a designer, who will advise you on what to use in each case.

9. A flexible kitchen island

This small yet flexible kitchen island has the basic necessities such as a sink, storage cabinets and space for food preparation or having a quick bite to eat. It is complimented by a matching rectangular dining table. 

10. The traditional kitchen island

Notice that the design of the furniture that makes up the kitchen island is related to the rest of the furniture in the kitchen in form and colour. However, the kitchen island still remains the center of attraction in the kitchen with its earthy wooden presence. 

11. A kitchen island all along

In a long kitchen, this kitchen island is ideal. Notice that the narrow and long design of the kitchen island is proportional to the  shape and space in the kitchen.  

We hope you've found some great kitchen island designs that you like. For more inspiration related to the kitchen, have a look at 14 Imaginative kitchen cabinets.

Which kitchen island design did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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