12 fantastic ideas to light the walls of your house

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The lights in a house are not just for functionality purposes so that we can see during night, but they are also an essential part of the décor. With the right lighting, you can create the required environment in any room and make sure the rest of the décor blends with it.

To help you out, we have put down 12 fantastic ideas to light the walls of your house:

1. Give a personality to the façade

When you have a beautiful house which looks amazing on the outside as well, then why not make it stand out by placing lights all around the façade?

2. Floor lighting

By placing the lights on the floor, not only can you accentuate the designer walls, but it also makes the room look more brighter and bigger. 

​3. Highlight wall textures

 If you have textured walls, then adding lighting around it will only highlight the textures. Add a bit of greenery near the walls, and you have got yourself a winner. 

​4. Light up the internal courtyard

If you have a courtyard inside your house, then light up its wall to brighten the entire area. This will also make your courtyard more romantic and a prime spot for parties. 

5. Focus on the centre

Placing lights on the top or the bottom of the walls is the most obvious way, so why not give your home’s décor an edge by placing lights at the very centre.

6. Discreet lighting

You can also discreetly light up the ceiling, just like this house which has panels all over the ceiling and lights inside it.

​7. Natural lighting through windows

Yes, we do need artificial lighting but if your house is around an open space then open up several small windows to let natural light and air in. 

8. Strip of lights

If you are planning to keep things simple with the lighting around your house, then we recommend going with a simple strip of lights all around the wall perimeter. 

9. Wall near the stairs

Putting up lights along the walls of the stairs doesn’t just look amazing, but it can also help you use the stairs late night when you don’t want to switch on all the lights. 

10. Subtle light at the entrance

Place a line of subtle lights around the entrance of your house to always keep your front yard well-lit. We recommend going with a textured wall, just like this one. 

11. A rather modern lighting

This house has used small LED lights all over the place, including the ceiling, walls near the staircase and the room as well. 

​12. Hidden lighting arrangement

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Style Within

Victorian living room

Style Within

In case you already have the décor of your house set up, and you are planning to add lights to space then the best way would be to add hidden lighting at the back of the cabinets.

For more inspiration, check out this ideabook.

Which one of these wall lighting was your favourite?

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