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15 Beautiful facades for your two storey house

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The exterior facade of your house is a reference to your personality and the interior decor as well. We all understand how difficult it gets to design the exteriors of a single floor house let alone a two storey. The idea is to create a smooth transition between the outside facade and the inside decor. 

To inspire you, here are 15 beautiful pictures that are ideal for your two storey house.

1. Stone wall

One of the most beautiful designs of all time is this evergreen stonewall. By laying out different size stones on your exterior walls you will be able to achieve a unique look. The stone walls can be made out of any kind of rock that you like which makes them easily customisable.

2. Giant doors

Another great way to introduce a facade to your two storey house is by adding a giant gate. These gates can be made out of metal bars and can be as big as you want. They not only look beautiful but they also give the entire area a sense of grandness

3. Concrete wall

If you are looking for a simple design for your exterior walls than creating concrete walls is highly recommended. These walls blend with their surroundings easily and can also hold different design patterns.

4. Wooden panels

For those who are artistic, creating a facade using wooden panels is also a great idea. Covering all your windows and balconies with horizontal wood panels of different thickness can give you an amazing design.

5. Colour contrast

One of the main things to remember while making an exterior facade is the colour contrast. Combining a darker and a lighter tone of colour together will help you achieve a modern look that is also chic.

6. Vertical wooden panels

If you are someone who loves nature and all looking for a way to amalgamated it in your exterior facade then using broad vertical wooden panels is also a great idea. These panels can be made out of blocks of woods which will provide stability to the structure.

7. Focal wall

Creating a focal wall is also an excellent way to achieve a beautiful two-storey facade. These walls can be decorated with any type of stones and can be highlighted with bright colours to make them stand out.

8. Dividing wall

Most two storey homes today have similar looking dividing walls that are also used as focal points. These walls are usually coloured different than the entire house to make them look artistic.

9. Picture window

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home then introducing picture windows on the second floor of your two-storey house is highly recommended. These windows not only are the perfect way to introduce proper light into the house but they also look regal.

10. Balcony fence

One of the simplest ways to create a beautiful facade is by adding fences on the balconies of your second floor. This design of facade will give your house a beautiful exterior while providing proper support to all the second floor opening

11. wood and concrete

By combining two materials like wooden and concrete you can design a beautiful looking facade for your exteriors. Both the materials are durable which makes them a much loved choice for designers.

12. Designer facade

For cordoning of a particular area using full body designer panels made out of metal or wood are the perfect choice. These panels can hold any design that you may want making them highly recommended.

13. Floor to ceiling windows

Another great way to make your exteriors look beautiful is by incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows into your house. By covering the entire second floor with such windows you will be able to achieve an amazing looking exterior.

14. Sandstone wall

Sand stones are also a great way to design exterior facades. By placing sandstone tiles on the outer walls you will be able to turn them into focal points. This will also easily transform the entire look of your house

15. Pallet wood and screens

One of the most inexpensive ways to design the exteriors of your house is by using palette words or screens. These are the perfect way to protect your exterior walls from direct sunlight and also make them look natural at the same time.

Check out our ideabook for more facade designs. 

Which one of these facades was your favourite?
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